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Qin Qiwei
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Qin, Q.
Qin, Q.W.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Oct-2002Antigenic characterization of a marine fish iridovirus from grouper, Epinephelus spp.Qin, Q.W. ; Shi, C.; Gin, K.Y.H.; Lam, T.J. 
2Feb-2004Antiviral properties of hemocyanin isolated from shrimp Penaeus monodonZhang, X.; Huang, C. ; Qin, Q. 
315-Nov-2002Characterisation of a pathogenic virus isolated from marine threadfin fish (Eleutheronema tetradactylus) during a disease outbreakSeng, E.K.; Fang, Q.; Chang, S.F.; Ngoh, G.H.; Qin, Q.W. ; Lam, T.J. ; Sin, Y.M. 
422-Jan-2003Characterization of a novel ranavirus isolated from grouper Epinephelus tauvinaQin, Q.W. ; Chang, S.F.; Ngoh-Lim, G.H.; Gibson-Kueh, S.; Shi, C.; Lam, T.J. 
518-Oct-2002Characterization, pathogenicity and neutralization studies of a nervous necrosis virus isolated from grouper, Epinephelus tauvina, in SingaporeHegde, A. ; Chen, C.L. ; Qin, Q.W. ; Lam, T.J. ; Sin, Y.M. 
6Apr-2005Development of a flow cytometry based method for rapid and sensitive detection of a novel marine fish iridovirus in cell cultureQin, Q.W. ; Gin, K.Y.-H.; Lee, L.Y.; Gedaria, A.I. ; Zhang, S.
715-Jan-2001Development of a tropical marine fish cell line from asian seabass (lates calcarifer) for virus isolationChang, S.F.; Ngoh, G.H.; Kueh, L.F.S.; Qin, Q.W. ; Chen, C.L. ; Lam, T.J. ; Sin, Y.M. 
8Apr-2005Differential profile of genes expressed in hemocytes of White Spot Syndrome Virus-resistant shrimp (Penaeus japonicus) by combining suppression subtractive hybridization and differential hybridizationHe, N.; Qin, Q. ; Xu, X.
92001Electron microscopic observations of a marine fish iridovirus isolated from brown-spotted grouper, Epinephelus tauvinaQin, Q.W. ; Lam, T.J. ; Sin, Y.M. ; Shen, H.; Chang, S.F.; Ngoh, G.H.; Chen, C.L. 
108-Oct-2002Graft-versus-host reaction (GVHR) in clonal amago salmon, Oncorhynchus rhodurusQin, Q.W. ; Ototake, M.; Nagoya, H.; Nakanishi, T.
112003Immunization against vibriosis in maricultured yellow grouper Epinephelus awoara in ChinaQin, Q. ; Wu, Z.; Pan, J.
12May-2004In situ hybridization of a marine fish virus, Singapore grouper iridovirus with a nucleic acid probe of major capsid proteinHuang, C. ; Zhang, X.; Gin, K.Y.H.; Qin, Q.W. 
13Feb-2003Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies to a grouper iridovirusShi, C.; Qin, Q.W. ; Gin, K.Y.H.; Lam, T.J. 
142003The pathology of systemic iridoviral disease in fishGibson-Kueh, S.; Ngoh-Lim, G.H.; Chang, S.F.; Ho, L.L.; Netto, P.; Qin, Q.W. ; Chua, F.H.C.; Ng, M.L. ; Ferguson, H.W.
15Apr-2001Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFα)-like factor produced by macrophages in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykissQin, Q.W. ; Ototake, M.; Noguchi, K.; Soma, G.-I.; Yokomizo, Y.; Nakanishi, T.