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Fong, Hock Sun
Fong, H.S.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Aug-1985A new method of {111} trace analysisFong, H.S. 
2Sep-1991An aspect of intragranular Widmanstätten γ formation in Al-18%AgFong, H.S. ; Kwok, J.K.M.; Lim, S.C. 
3Jul-1987Computational techniques for grain-orientation determinations using surface traces of crystal planes of any indicesFong, H.S. 
4Nov-1989Determining true pearlite lamellar spacings from observed apparent spacingsFong, H.S. 
5Jun-1989Effect of repeated repairs on the strength of welded jointsLai, M.O. ; Fong, H.S. 
6Oct-1990Excessive grain growth in forged aluminium-base compressor bladesLim, L.C. ; Fong, H.S. 
7Apr-1990Fatigue damage and crack nucleation mechanisms at intermediate strain amplitudesLim, L.C. ; Tay, Y.K.; Fong, H.S. 
8Dec-1988Fatigue performance of repaired pipeline steel weldsLai, M.O. ; Fong, H.S. 
9Sep-1984Grain boundary Widmanstätten ferrite spacings in 0.2 pct C steelFong, H.S. ; Glover, S.G.
10Sep-1984Grain boundary Widmanstätten ferrite spacings in 0.2 pct C steelFong, H.S. ; Glover, S.G.
11Oct-1991Initiation of twins at grain boundaries during low temperature fast compression of mild steelFong, H.S. 
12Nov-1989Mechanical properties of a marine shaft steel with banded ferrite-pearlite structureLai, M.O. ; Fong, H.S. 
13Jun-1986Orienting grains with{110} surface tracesFong, H.S. 
141986Orienting Si crystals with pulsed-laser-induced cracksFong, H.S. 
16Apr-1990Practical aspects of {111} trace analysisFong, H.S. 
17Jan-1990Using the scanning electron microscope to obtain unique grain orientations from crystallographic traces on a single surfaceFong, H.S. ; Lim, S.C. ; Lim, P.Y.