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Lai Man On
Lai, M.-O.
Lai, M.O
Lai, M.
Lai, M.O.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-20073D finite element analysis on strain uniformity during ECAP processSu, C.W.; Lu, L. ; Lai, M.O. 
225-Oct-2006A model for the grain refinement mechanism in equal channel angular pressing of Mg alloy from microstructural studiesSu, C.W.; Lu, L. ; Lai, M.O. 
3Dec-2003A proposed specimen for KIIC testingLo, K.W. ; Gong, Y.B.; Tamilselvan, T. ; Lai, M.O. 
4Oct-1990A review of ballising: Cold working and its effect on fatigue lifeLai, M.O. ; Oh, J.T. ; Nee, A.Y.C. 
515-Jan-1995A study of dual directional flow-formed polypropylene pipesLee, K.S. ; Lai, M.O. ; Chen, C.M.
624-Jun-2002Accounting for constraint effects in fracture mechanics analysis of floating production, storage and off-loading vessels and shipsTronskar, J.P.; Mannan, M.A. ; Lai, M.O. 
72014Advanced electrochemical performance of Li4Ti5O 12-based materials for lithium-ion battery: Synergistic effect of doping and compositingLin, C.; Ding, B.; Xin, Y.; Cheng, F.; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L. ; Zhou, H.
8Oct-1997Al-4 wt% Cu composite reinforced with in-situ TiB2 particlesLu, L. ; Lai, M.O. ; Chen, F.L.
9Sep-2013All solid state lithium ion rechargeable batteries using NASICON structured electrolyteFeng, J.K. ; Yan, B.G.; Liu, J.C.; Lai, M.O. ; Li, L. 
102011All-solid-state thin film microbatteries fabricated by rf sputteringFeng, J.K. ; Lai, M.O. ; Zeng, X.; Huang, Z.; Lu, L. 
1113-Sep-2006Amorphous LiNiVO4 thin-film anode for microbatteries grown by pulsed laser depositionTang, S.B. ; Xia, H. ; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L. 
121998Analysis of precipitation hardening of 6061/10% SiC composite by differential scanning calorimetryLu, L. ; Gupta, M. ; Lai, M.O. 
13Feb-1996Annealing of plasma-sprayed WC-Co coatingLim, L.C. ; Lim, S.C. ; Lai, M.O. ; Chong, S.F.; Alli, S. 
14May-2003Application of acoustic emission for measuring crack initiation toughness in instrumented charpy impact testingTronskar, J.P.; Mannan, M.A. ; Lai, M.O. 
15Dec-1999Application of thermodynamic calculation in the in-situ process of Al/TiB2Yue, N.L.; Lu, L. ; Lai, M.O. 
16May-1995Bidirectional flow forming of polypropylene pipesLai, M.O. ; Lee, K.S. ; Wang, C.K.
1721-Aug-2005Characterization of a LiCoO2 thin film cathode grown by pulsed laser depositionTang, S.B. ; Lu, L. ; Lai, M.O. 
182006Characterization of amorphous LiNiVO4 thin-film anode grown by pulsed laser depositionTang, S.B. ; Xia, H. ; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L. 
19Aug-2007Characterization of crystallized LiMn2O4 thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionTang, S.B. ; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L. 
202010Characterization of La-doped (Ba0.85 Sn0.15) TiO 3 thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionWang, S.J.; Song, W.D.; Lai, M.O. ; Lu, L.