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Kenneth George Campbell Smith
Smith, K.G.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009Differential signal transduction, membrane trafficking, and immune effector functions mediated by FcγRI versus FcγRIIaDai, X. ; Lin, G. ; Chien, T.T.; Yan, T.L.; Soh, H.C.; Kemeny, D.M. ; MacAry, P.A. ; Jayapal, M. ; Hwee, K.T.; Reghunathan, R. ; Melendez, A.J. ; Floto, R.A.; Smith, K.G.C. 
22015High affinity antibodies against influenza characterize the plasmablast response in SLE patients after vaccinationKaur K.; Zheng N.-Y.; Smith K. ; Huang M.; Li L.; Pauli N.T.; Henry Dunand C.J.; Lee J.-H.; Morrissey M.; Wu Y.; Joachims M.L.; Munroe M.E.; Lau D.; Qu X.; Krammer F.; Wrammert J.; Palese P.; Ahmed R.; James J.A.; Wilson P.C.
32012Immunodominance of antigenic site B over site a of hemagglutinin of recent H3N2 influenza virusesPopova L.; Smith K. ; West A.H.; Wilson P.C.; James J.A.; Thompson L.F.; Air G.M.
42016Insight into Genotype-Phenotype Associations through eQTL Mapping in Multiple Cell Types in Health and Immune-Mediated DiseasePeters J.E.; Lyons P.A.; Lee J.C.; Richard A.C.; Fortune M.D.; Newcombe P.J.; Richardson S.; Smith K.G.C. 
52016Peripheral immune cell populations associated with cognitive deficits and negative symptoms of treatment-resistant schizophreniaFernandez-Egea E.; Vértes P.E.; Flint S.M.; Turner L.; Mustafa S.; Hatton A.; Smith K.G.C. ; Lyons P.A.; Bullmore E.T.
62018Reduced monocyte and macrophage TNFSF15/TL1A expression is associated with susceptibility to inflammatory bowel diseaseRichard A.C.; Peters J.E.; Savinykh N.; Lee J.C.; Hawley E.T.; Meylan F.; Siegel R.M.; Lyons P.A.; Smith K.G.C.