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Choy Heng Lai
Heng Lai, C.
Lai, C.-H.
Lai, C.
Lai, C.H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A coevolving model based on preferential triadic closure for social media networksLi, M. ; Zou, H.; Guan, S.; Gong, X. ; Li, K. ; Di, Z.; Lai, C.-H. 
223-Mar-1990A simple method to determine bond lengths and excited state surfaces from electronic-vibrational spectraLee, S.-Y. ; Lai, C.-H. 
3Feb-2013A spectral algorithm of community identificationGong, X. ; Li, K. ; Li, M. ; Lai, C.-H. 
41-Mar-2002A wavelet method for the characterization of spatiotemporal patternsGuan, S. ; Lai, C.-H. ; Wei, G.W. 
53-Mar-2008Adaptive-impulsive synchronization of uncertain complex dynamical networksLi, K. ; Lai, C.H. 
619-Sep-2012All entangled pure states violate a single Bell's inequalityYu, S. ; Chen, Q. ; Zhang, C. ; Lai, C.H. ; Oh, C.H. 
71-Jan-2000Analysis of spurious synchronization with positive conditional Lyapunov exponents in computer simulationsZhou, C. ; Lai, C.-H. 
820-Apr-2011Analysis of traffic flow on complex networksLi, K. ; Gong, X. ; Guan, S. ; Lai, C.-H. 
9Oct-1997Bifurcation behavior of the generalized Lorenz equations at large rotation numbersZhou, C. ; Lai, C.H. ; Yu, M.Y.
101984Bifurcation of the Coulomb solution of the Yang-Mills equations with sourcesOh, C.H. ; Chow, S.N.; Lai, C.H. 
111985Bifurcation of the type-II solutions of the Yang-Mills equations with static sourcesOh, C.H. ; Lai, C.H. ; Soo, C.P.
1220-Dec-1996Bifurcation structure and periodic orbits of the Lorenz equations in the Prandtl number spaceLai, C.H. ; Zhou, C.T. ; Yu, M.Y.
13Mar-2005Bistable chaos without symmetry in generalized synchronizationGuan, S. ; Lai, C.-H. ; Wei, G.W.
14Apr-1997Chaos, bifurcations and periodic orbits of the Lorenz-Stenflo systemZhou, C. ; Lai, C.H. ; Yu, M.Y.
15Oct-2004Chaos-induced escape over a potential barrierChew, L.Y.; Ting, C.; Lai, C.H. 
16Jun-2004Chaotic digital communication by encoding initial conditionsXiaofeng, G. ; Xingang, W. ; Meng, Z. ; Lai, C.H. 
17Sep-2005Chaotic resonance: Two-state model with chaos-induced escape over potential barrierChew, L.Y.; Ting, C. ; Lai, C.H. 
182006Chaotic synchronization through coupling strategiesGuan, S.; Li, K.; Lai, C.-H. 
192006Characterization of noise-induced strange nonchaotic attractorsWang, X. ; Lai, Y.-C.; Lai, C.H. 
2030-Jul-2010Characterizing generalized synchronization in complex networksGuan, S. ; Gong, X. ; Li, K. ; Liu, Z.; Lai, C.-H.