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Li Kun
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Li, K.
Kun, L.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12013A coevolving model based on preferential triadic closure for social media networksLi, M. ; Zou, H.; Guan, S.; Gong, X. ; Li, K. ; Di, Z.; Lai, C.-H. 
2Dec-2004A frequency aliasing approach to chaos-based cryptosystemsLi, K. ; Soh, Y.C.; Zhang, C.
3Feb-2013A spectral algorithm of community identificationGong, X. ; Li, K. ; Li, M. ; Lai, C.-H. 
43-Mar-2008Adaptive-impulsive synchronization of uncertain complex dynamical networksLi, K. ; Lai, C.H. 
520-Apr-2011Analysis of traffic flow on complex networksLi, K. ; Gong, X. ; Guan, S. ; Lai, C.-H. 
630-Jul-2010Characterizing generalized synchronization in complex networksGuan, S. ; Gong, X. ; Li, K. ; Liu, Z.; Lai, C.-H. 
715-Feb-2012Efficient algorithm based on neighborhood overlap for community identification in complex networksLi, K. ; Gong, X. ; Guan, S.; Lai, C.-H. 
86-May-2014From sparse to dense and from assortative to disassortative in online social networksLi, M. ; Guan, S.; Wu, C.; Gong, X. ; Li, K. ; Wu, J.; Di, Z.; Lai, C.-H. 
91-Jul-2008Optimal resource allocation for efficient transport on complex networksGong, X. ; Kun, L. ; Lai, C.-H. 
102008Synchronizability of network ensembles with prescribed statistical propertiesGuan, S. ; Wang, X. ; Li, K. ; Wang, B.-H.; Lai, C.-H. 
118-Dec-2008Synchronization stability of general complex dynamical networks with time-varying delaysLi, K. ; Guan, S. ; Gong, X. ; Lai, C.-H. 
122009The development of generalized synchronization on complex networksGuan, S. ; Wang, X. ; Gong, X. ; Li, K. ; Lai, C.-H. 
1330-Jun-2009The many faces of synchronization of networksGuan, S. ; Wang, X. ; Li, K. ; Lai, C.-H.