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Wang Xingang
(not current staff)
Wang, X.
Wang, X.G.
Xingang, W.
Wang, X.-G.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12006A note on chaotic unimodal maps and applicationsZhou, C.T.; He, X.T.; Yu, M.Y.; Chew, L.Y.; Wang, X.G. 
2Jun-2004Chaotic digital communication by encoding initial conditionsXiaofeng, G. ; Xingang, W. ; Meng, Z. ; Lai, C.H. 
32006Characterization of noise-induced strange nonchaotic attractorsWang, X. ; Lai, Y.-C.; Lai, C.H. 
4Sep-2003Complete synchronization and generalized synchronization of one-way coupled time-delay systemsZhan, M. ; Wang, X. ; Gong, X. ; Wei, G.W. ; Lai, C.-H. 
52007Complex dynamics of femtosecond terawatt laser pulses in airQiao, B. ; Lai, C.H. ; Zhou, C.T.; He, X.T.; Wang, X. 
62006Effect of resonant-frequency mismatch on attractorsWang, X. ; Lai, Y.-C.; Lai, C.H. 
79-May-2007Enhancing synchronization based on complex gradient networksWang, X. ; Lai, Y.-C.; Lai, C.H. 
8Mar-2004Error function attack of chaos synchronization based encryption schemesWang, X. ; Zhan, M. ; Lai, C.-H. ; Gang, H.
95-Jun-2006Frequency locking by external force from a dynamical system with strange nonchaotic attractorGuan, S. ; Wang, X. ; Lai, C.-H. 
10Jun-2003Measure synchronization in coupled φ4 Hamiltonian systemsWang, X. ; Zhan, M. ; Lai, C.-H. ; Gang, H.
112008Model-based detector and extraction of weak signal frequencies from chaotic dataZhou, C. ; Cai, T.; Heng Lai, C. ; Wang, X. ; Lai, Y.-C.
1216-May-2008Multiple effects of gradient coupling on network synchronizationWang, X. ; Zhou, C.; Lai, C.H. 
132007Nonlinear properties of relativistically intense laser in plasmasQiao, B. ; Lai, C.H. ; Zhou, C.T. ; He, X.T.; Wang, X.G. ; Yu, M.Y.
14Jan-2006On generating binary spatiotemporal chaotic sequences and its application on spread-spectrum communicationsWang, X. ; Lai, C.-H. 
152008Onset of synchronization in complex gradient networksWang, X. ; Huang, L.; Guan, S. ; Lai, Y.-C.; Lai, C.H. 
1616-Nov-2007Optimization of synchronization in gradient clustered networksWang, X. ; Huang, L.; Lai, Y.-C.; Lai, C.H. 
17Mar-2009Oscillation death in coupled oscillatorsZou, W.; Wang, X.-G. ; Zhao, Q.; Zhan, M.
182006Oscillations of complex networksWang, X. ; Lai, Y.-C.; Lai, C.H. 
19Mar-2005Phase synchronization of a pair of spiral wavesZhan, M. ; Wang, X. ; Gong, X. ; Lai, C.-H. 
203-Mar-2009Protecting infrastructure networks from cost-based attacksWang, X. ; Guan, S. ; Lai, C.H.