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Lee Soo Ying
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Lee, S.-Y.
Lee, S.Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11991A rapid method for determining excited state surface parameters and bond length in diatomic molecules and calculating wavefunctions for Franck-Condon factors using the quantum momentum methodLee, S.C. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
21-Dec-2002A seven-dimensional quantum study of the H+CH4 reactionYang, M. ; Zhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
323-Mar-1990A simple method to determine bond lengths and excited state surfaces from electronic-vibrational spectraLee, S.-Y. ; Lai, C.-H. 
42000A theoretical distinction between time-resolved resonance Raman and resonance fluorescenceLu, J.; Du, S.-D.; Fan, K.-N.; Lee, S.-Y. 
531-Jan-2005A time-dependent wave packet study of the H 4 four-center reactionLu, Y.; Zhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
629-Apr-1994A transform from absorption to Raman excitation profile. A time-dependent approachLee, S.-Y. ; Yeo, R.C.K.
730-Jan-1997Ab Initio calculations on normal mode vibrations and The raman and IR spectra of the [B3O6]3- metaborate ringWu, K.; Lee, S.-Y. 
81-Jul-2001Ab initio potential-energy surfaces for the reactions OH+H2↔H2O+HYang, M. ; Zhang, D.H. ; Collins, M.A.; Lee, S.-Y. 
98-Dec-2002Accuracy of the centrifugal sudden approximation in the H+H2O reaction and accurate integral cross sections for the H+H2O→H2+OH abstraction reactionZhang, D.H. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
1022-Aug-1997An embedded cluster study of dimer buckling on the Si(100) surfaceYang, C.; Lee, S.Y. ; Kang, H.C. 
1122-May-2001Branching ratio in the HD+OH reaction: A full-dimensional quantum dynamics study on a new ab initio potential energy surfaceZhang, D.H. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
122-Sep-2002Breakdown of the spectator model for the OH bonds in studying the H + H2O reactionZhang, D.H. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.Y. 
131989Classical theory for real-time femtosecond probing of the NaI* photodissociationLee, S.-Y. ; Pollard, W.T.; Mathies, R.A.
142001Complex Raman amplitude recovery and dynamics from the Raman excitation profile: Application to iodobenzene and azuleneFeng, Z.W.; Lee, S.Y. 
152005Continuous configuration time-dependent self-consistent field method for polyatomic quantum dynamical problemsZhang, D.H.; Bao, W. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
1619-Feb-1993Derivation of the reflection principle in continuum resonance Raman scatteringLee, S.-Y. 
171990Determination of excited-state potential energy surfaces in the Franck-Condon region from electronic absorption spectraLee, S.-Y. 
18Sep-1997Dynamical theory of spectroscopy with femtosecond pulse excitation (I) - Dynamics of absorption and emission processesLu, J.; Lee, S.-Y. ; Fan, K.
19Jun-1999Dynamical theory of spectroscopy with femtosecond pulse excitation (III) - Transient rate equation in Liouville spaceLu, J.; Fan, K.; Lee, S.-Y. 
20Dec-1997Dynamical theory of spectroscopy with femtosecond pulse excitation - Emission of direct dissociationLu, J.; Lee, S.-Y. ; Fan, K.