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Zhang Dong Hui
(not current staff)
Zhang, D.
Zhang, D.H.
Zhang, D.-H.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Oct-2004A first-principles potential energy surface and vibrational states for hydrogen on Cu(100)Lai, W.; Xie, D.; Yang, J.; Zhang, D.H. 
22006A full dimensional time-dependent wave packet study for the H4 four-center, collision induced dissociation, and single exchange reactions: Reaction probabilities for J=0Lu, Y.; Lee, S.-Y.; Zhang, D.H. 
32005A new ab initio potential-energy surface of HO 2(X 2 A″) and quantum studies of HO 2 vibrational spectrum and rate constants for the H+O 22↔O+OH reactionsXu, C.; Xie, D.; Zhang, D.H. ; Lin, S.Y.; Guo, H.
41-Dec-2002A seven-dimensional quantum study of the H+CH4 reactionYang, M. ; Zhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
527-Apr-2006A test of the continuous configuration time-dependent self-consistent field (CC-TDSCF) method on the H + CH4 reactionZhang, L.; Lee, S.-Y.; Zhang, D.H. 
631-Jan-2005A time-dependent wave packet study of the H 4 four-center reactionLu, Y.; Zhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
715-Jun-2000Ab initio potential energy surface for the reactions between H2O and HBettens, R.P.A.; Collins, M.A.; Jordan, M.J.T.; Zhang, D.H. 
81-Jul-2001Ab initio potential-energy surfaces for the reactions OH+H2↔H2O+HYang, M. ; Zhang, D.H. ; Collins, M.A.; Lee, S.-Y. 
98-Dec-2002Accuracy of the centrifugal sudden approximation in the H+H2O reaction and accurate integral cross sections for the H+H2O→H2+OH abstraction reactionZhang, D.H. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
108-Dec-1999Application of interpolated potential energy surfaces to quantum reactive scatteringCollins, M.A.; Zhang, D.H. 
11Aug-2000Application of semirigid vibrating rotor target model to reaction of H+CH4→CH3+H2Wang, M.L.; Li, Y.; Zhang, J.Z.H.; Zhang, D.H. 
1222-May-2001Branching ratio in the HD+OH reaction: A full-dimensional quantum dynamics study on a new ab initio potential energy surfaceZhang, D.H. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
132-Sep-2002Breakdown of the spectator model for the OH bonds in studying the H + H2O reactionZhang, D.H. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.Y. 
1424-Apr-2003Close-coupling time-dependent quantum dynamics study of the H + HCl reactionYao, L.; Han, K.-L.; Song, H.-S.; Zhang, D.-H. 
151-Oct-2004Coherent classical-path description of deep tunnelingZhang, D.H. ; Pollak, E.
167-Mar-2003Cross section for the H + H2O abstraction reaction: Experiment and theoryBrouard, M.; Burak, I.; Marinakis, S.; Minayev, D.; O'Keeffe, P.; Vallance, C.; Aoiz, F.J.; Bañares, L.; Castillo, J.F.; Zhang, D.H. ; Xie, D. ; Yang, M. ; Lee, S.-Y.; Collins, M.A.
172005Dependence of line shapes in femtosecond broadband stimulated Raman spectroscopy on pump-probe time delayYoon, S.; McCamant, D.W.; Kukura, P.; Mathies, R.A.; Zhang, D. ; Lee, S.-Y.
189-Jun-2000Dynasol: a visual quantum dynamics packagePeng, T.; Zhang, D.H. ; Wang, D.-Y.; Li, Y.-M.; Zhang, J.Z.H.
191-Jan-2000Effects of reagent rotation and the accuracy of the centrifugal sudden approximation in the H2+CN reactionZhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y. 
201998Effects of reagent rotation on the dynamics of the H2+OH reaction: A full dimension quantum studyZhang, D.H. ; Lee, S.-Y.