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Weizhu Bao
Bao Weizhu
Bao, W.
Bao W.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A fourth-order time-splitting laguerre-hermite pseudospectral method for bose-einstein condensatesBao, W. ; Shen, J.
22009A generalized-laguerre-fourier-hermite pseudospectral method for computing the dynamics of rotating bose-einstein condensatesBao, W. ; Li, H.; Shen, J.
31-Dec-2008A generalized-Laguerre-Hermite pseudospectral method for computing symmetric and central vortex states in Bose-Einstein condensatesBao, W. ; Shen, J.
42007A mass and magnetization conservative and energy-diminishing numerical method for computing ground state of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensatesBao, W. ; Wang, H.
52013A simple and efficient numerical method for computing the dynamics of rotating bose-einstein condensates via rotating lagrangian coordinatesBao, W. ; Marahrens, D.; Tang, Q.; Zhang, Y.
6Feb-2007A time-splitting spectral method for three-wave interactions in media with competing quadratic and cubic nonlinearitiesBao, W. ; Zheng, C.
7Jul-2008A uniformly convergent numerical method for singularly perturbed nonlinear eigenvalue problemsBao, W. ; Chai, M.-H.
82014A variational-difference numerical method for designing progressive-addition lensesJiang, W.; Bao, W. ; Tang, Q.; Wang, H.
921-Jun-2002An economical finite element approximation of generalized Newtonian flowsBao, W. 
1020-Sep-2006An efficient and spectrally accurate numerical method for computing dynamics of rotating Bose-Einstein condensatesBao, W. ; Wang, H. 
1120-Sep-2004An efficient and stable numerical method for the Maxwell-Dirac systemBao, W. ; Li, X.-G. 
12Aug-2003An explicit unconditionally stable numerical method for solving damped nonlinear Schrödinger equations with a focusing nonlinearityBao, W. ; Jaksch, D.
132013An exponential wave integrator sine pseudospectral method for the klein-gordon-zakharov systemBao, W. ; Dong, X.; Zhao, X.
14Feb-2012Analysis and comparison of numerical methods for the Klein-Gordon equation in the nonrelativistic limit regimeBao, W. ; Dong, X.
15Oct-2003Approximation and Comparison for Motion by Mean Curvature with Intersection PointsBao, W. 
16Apr-2012Breathing oscillations of a trapped impurity in a Bose gasJohnson, T.H.; Bruderer, M.; Cai, Y.; Clark, S.R. ; Bao, W. ; Jaksch, D. 
171-Jul-2010Comparisons between sine-Gordon and perturbed nonlinear Schrödinger equations for modeling light bullets beyond critical collapseBao, W. ; Dong, X.; Xin, J.
18Dec-2013Computational methods for the dynamics of the nonlinear Schrödinger/Gross-Pitaevskii equationsAntoine, X.; Bao, W. ; Besse, C.
192007Computing ground states of spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates by the normalized gradient flowBao, W. ; Lim, F.Y.
202015Computing the ground state and dynamics of the nonlinear Schr�dinger equation with nonlocal interactions via the nonuniform FFTBao Weizhu ; Jiang Shidong; Tang Qinglin; Zhang Yong