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Ang, E.T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-2006Alterations in spatial learning and memory after forced exerciseAng, Eng-Tat ; Dawe, Gavin S ; Wong, Peter TH ; Moochhala, Shabbir ; Ng, Yee-Kong 
28-Jun-2022Benefits of gamification in medical educationKrishnamurthy, Kandamaran; Selvaraj, Nikil; Gupta, Palak ; Cyriac, Benitta; Dhurairaj, Puvin; Abdullah, Adnan; Krishnapillai, Ambigga; Lugova, Halyna; Haque, Mainul; Xie, Sophie; Ang, Eng-Tat 
31-Jan-2004Cytokine changes in the horizontal diagonal band of broca in the septum after running and stroke: A correlation to glial activationAng, ET ; Wong, PTH ; Moochhala, S ; Ng, YK
41-Oct-2018Gamifying anatomy educationAng, ET ; Chan, JM ; Gopal, V; Li Shia, N 
5Mar-2017How can anatomy teaching be improved?Ang, ET 
61-May-2021Insights for medical education: Via a mathematical modelling of gamificationLee, DZ; Choo, JY; Ng, LS ; Muthukrishnan, C ; Ang, ET 
72014Is there an optimal environment in which to learn clinical anatomy? One man's viewANG, E ; Peter Abrahams; Seow Choon Sheong ; Mikael Hartman 
81-Mar-2010Motor Axonal Sprouting and Neuromuscular Junction Loss in an Animal Model of Charcot-Marie-Tooth DiseaseAng, Eng-Tat ; Schaefer, Ralf; Baltensperger, Richard; Wernig, Anton; Celio, Marco; Oliver, Sara Sancho
92010Neurodegenerative diseases: Exercising toward neurogenesis and neuroregenerationAng, E.-T ; Tai, Y.-K ; Lo, S.-Q ; Seet, R ; Soong, T.-W 
101-Jan-2003Neuroprotection associated with running: Is it a result of increased endogenous neurotrophic factors?Ang, ET ; Wong, PTH ; Moochhala, S ; Ng, YK
111-Jan-2007Potential therapeutic effects of exercise to the brainAng, ET ; Gomez-Pinilla, F
121-Nov-2019Scan and Learn: Quick Response Code Enabled Museum for Mobile Learning of Anatomy and PathologyMogali, Sreenivasulu Reddy; Vallabhajosyula, Ranganath; Ng, Chee Hon ; Lim, Darren; Ang, Eng Tat ; Abrahams, Peter
131-Jun-2016Secretagogin Expression in the Peripheral Blood of Stroke PatientsAng, Eng ; Seet, Raymond ; Lim, Vanessa
141-Jul-2012Singapore's anatomical future: Quo Vadis?Ang, Eng-Tat ; Sugand, Kapil; Hartman, Mikael ; Seow, Choon-Sheong ; Bay, Boon-Huat ; Abrahams, Peter
159-Dec-2022The challenges of histology educationEng-Tat, Ang ; Liu, Pai; Jitesh, R; Chandrika, R ; Satish, RL ; Lian, Wen Quan Derrick ; Huppertz, Berthold; Khamuani, Munesh; Minarcik, John R
161-Jan-2021The lymphocyte depletion in patients with acute ischemic stroke associated with poor neurologic outcomeJuli, C; Heryaman, H; Nazir, A; Ang, ET ; Defi, IR; Gamayani, U; Atik, N
171-Dec-2022The number of risk factors increases the recurrence events in ischemic strokeJuli, C; Heryaman, H; Arnengsih; Ang, ET ; Defi, IR; Gamayani, U; Atik, N
1823-Feb-2022The panniculus carnosus muscle: a missing link in the chronicity of heel pressure ulcers?Nasir, N Jannah M; Corrias, Alberto ; Heemskerk, Hans; Ang, Eng Tat ; Jenkins, Julia H; Sebastin, SJ ; Tucker-Kellogg, Lisa 
192017Transgenic Mice Overexpressing the Divalent Metal Transporter 1 Exhibit Iron Accumulation and Enhanced Parkin Expression in the BrainZhang C.-W.; Tai Y.K. ; Chai B.-H.; Chew K.C.M.; Ang E.-T. ; Tsang F. ; Tan B.W.Q.; Hong E.T.E.; Asad A.B.A.; Chuang K.-H.; Lim K.-L. ; Soong T.W.