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Kee Tai Goh
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Goh, K.T.
Goh, Kee Tai


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015Association of melioidosis incidence with rainfall and humidity, Singapore, 2003–2012Liu, X; Pang, L ; Sim, S.H; Goh, K.T ; Ravikumar, S; Win, M.S; Tan, G; Cook, A.R ; Fisher, D ; Chai, L.Y.A 
22006Dengue prevention and 35 years of vector control in SingaporeOoi, E.-E ; Goh, K.-T ; Gubler, D.J
32003Epidemic hand, foot and mouth disease caused by human enterovirus 71, SingaporeChan, K.P ; Goh, K.T ; Chong, C.Y ; Teo, E.S ; Lau, G; Ling, A.E
42018Melioidosis, Singapore, 2003–2014Pang, L. ; Harris, P.N.A. ; Seiler, R.L.; Ooi, P.L. ; Cutter, J. ; Goh, K.T. ; Cook, A.R. ; Fisher, D. ; Chai, L.Y.A. 
5Sep-2013Microsporidial keratoconjunctivitis after rugby tournament, SingaporeTan, J.; Lee, P.; Lai, Y.; Hishamuddin, P.; Tay, J.; Tan, A.L.; Chan, K.S.; Lin, R.; Tan, D.; Cutter, J.; Goh, K.T. 
62015Seroepidemiology of coxsackievirus A6, coxsackievirus A16, and Enterovirus 71 infections among children and adolescents in Singapore, 2008-2010Ang, Liwei; Tay, Joanne; Phoon, Meng Chee ; Hsu, Jung Pu ; Cutter, Jeffery Lawrence ; James, Lyn; Goh, Kee Tai ; Chow, Tak Kwong Vincent 
717-Dec-2013Seroepidemiology of hepatitis B virus infection among adults in Singapore: A 12-year reviewAng, L.W.; Cutter, J.; James, L.; Goh, K.T. 
82017Seroprevalence of antibodies against chikungunya virus in Singapore resident adult populationAng L.W.; Kam Y.W.; Lin C. ; Krishnan P.U.; Tay J.; Ng L.C.; James L.; Lee V.J.M. ; Goh K.T. ; Ng L.F.P. ; Lin R.T.P. 
9Oct-2010Trends in importation of communicable diseases into singaporeLee, G.K.; Tan, K.W.; Goh, K.T. ; Wilder-Smith, A.