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Jeffery Lawrence Cutter
Cutter, Jeffery Lawrence


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12016Epidemic resurgence of dengue fever in Singapore in 2013-2014: A virological and entomological perspectiveHapuarachchi, H.C; Koo, C; Rajarethinam, J; Chong, C.-S; Lin, C; Yap, G; Liu, L; Lai, Y.-L; Ooi, P.L; Cutter, J ; Ng, L.-C
22012Influenza Vaccination Guidelines and Vaccine Sales in Southeast Asia: 2008-2011Gupta V.; Dawood F.S.; Muangchana C.; Lan P.T.; Xeuatvongsa A.; Sovann L.; Olveda R.; Cutter J. ; Oo K.Y.; Ratih T.S.D.; Kheong C.C.; Kapella B.K.; Kitsutani P.; Corwin A.; Olsen S.J.
32014Influenza-associated hospitalizations, Singapore, 2004-2008 and 2010-2012Ang, L.W; Lim, C; Jian Ming Lee, V ; Ma, S ; Tiong, W.W; Ooi, P.L; Tzer Pin Lin, R ; James, L; Cutter, J 
42018Melioidosis, Singapore, 2003–2014Pang, L. ; Harris, P.N.A. ; Seiler, R.L.; Ooi, P.L. ; Cutter, J. ; Goh, K.T. ; Cook, A.R. ; Fisher, D. ; Chai, L.Y.A. 
52013Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in Singapore, 2006-2012Lim L.K.-Y.; Sng L.H. ; Win W.; Chee C.B.-E.; Hsu L.Y. ; Mak E.; Earnest A.; Ong M.E.-H. ; Cutter J. ; Wang Y.T.
62015Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis outbreak in gaming centers, Singapore, 2012Chee, C.B.E; Gan, S.-H; Ong, R.T ; Sng, L.-H ; Wong, C.W; Cutter, J ; Gong, M; Seah, H.-M; Hsu, L.Y ; Solhan, S; Ooi, P.-L; Xia, E; Lim, J.T; Koh, C.-K; Lim, S.-K; Lim, H.-K; Wang, Y.-T
71-Aug-2016Pandemic preparedness: Nationally-led simulation to test hospital systemsLum, LHW; Badaruddin, H; Salmon, S; Cutter J. ; YU TANG, AYMERIC LIM; Fisher D. 
82015Seroepidemiology of coxsackievirus A6, coxsackievirus A16, and Enterovirus 71 infections among children and adolescents in Singapore, 2008-2010Ang, Liwei; Tay, Joanne; Phoon, Meng Chee ; Hsu, Jung Pu ; Cutter, Jeffery Lawrence ; James, Lyn; Goh, Kee Tai ; Chow, Tak Kwong Vincent 
92016Temporal patterns of influenza A and B in tropical and temperate countries: What are the lessons for influenza vaccination?Caini S.; Andrade W.; Badur S.; Balmaseda A.; Barakat A.; Bella A.; Bimohuen A.; Brammer L.; Bresee J.; Bruno A.; Castillo L.; Ciblak M.A.; Clara A.W.; Cohen C.; Cutter J. ; Daouda C.; De Lozano C.; De Mora D.; Dorji K.; Emukule G.O.; Fasce R.A.; Feng L.; De Almeida W.A.F.; Guiomar R.; Heraud J.-M.; Holubka O.; Huang Q.S.; Kadjo H.A.; Kiyanbekova L.; Kosasih H.; Kusznierz G.; Lara J.; Li M.; Lopez L.; Hoang P.V.M.; Henriques C.M.P.; Matute M.L.; Mironenko A.; Moreno B.; Mott J.A.; Njouom R.; Nurhayati US Naval Medical Research Unit No. 2; Ospanova A.; Owen R.; Pebody R.; Pennington K.; Puzelli S.; Le M.T.Q.; Razanajatovo N.H.; Rodrigues A.; Rudi J.M.; Lin R.T.P. ; Venter M.; Vernet M.-A.; Wangchuk S.; Yang J.; Yu H.; Zambon M.; Schellevis F.; Paget J.; Gyeltshen S.; Euden P.; Vernet G.; Bustos P.; Ellis J.; Donatelli I.; Rizzo C.; Guillebaud J.; Randrianasolo L.; Nunes B.; Pechirra P.
102016The inevitable colonisation of Singapore by Zika virusFisher, D ; Cutter, J 
112011Tuberculosis among foreign-born persons, Singapore, 2000-2009Win K.M.K.; Chee C.B.E.; Shen L. ; Wang Y.T.; Cutter J.