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Mclachlan,Craig Steven
(not current staff)
Almsherqi, Z.A.
McLachlan, C.S.
Mclachlan, C.
Mclachlan, C.S.
Mclachan, C.
McLachlan, C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2007A Mechanistic Interaction Remains to Be Determined for Elevated NTproBNP in Heart Failure Patients Receiving Both an ACE Inhibitor and AspirinMcLachlan, C.S. ; Zhang, Z.; Mossop, P.
22007Acute coronary ligation in the dog induces time-dependent transitional changes in mitochondrial crista in the non-ischaemic ventricular myocardiumAlmsherqi, Z.A. ; Chua, K.S.Y.; Liew, Y.Y. ; Low, C.W.; Deng, Y. ; McLachlan, C.S. 
330-Jan-2007Atherothrombotic events and clopidogrel therapy [2]McLachlan, C.S. ; Tay, S.K.H. ; Almsherqi, Z. ; Chia, S.-H.
4Apr-2007Can clopidogrel monotherapy influence vascular remodeling? [1]Hui, C.S.; McLachlan, C.S. 
5Mar-2007Changes in PDE4D isoforms in the hippocampus of a patient with advanced Alzheimer disease [1]McLachlan, C.S. ; Chen, M.L.; Lynex, C.N.; Goh, D.L.M. ; Brenner, S.; Tay, S.K.H. 
62007Chronic phenobarbital-induced mitochondrial pleomorphism in the rat liverAlmsherqi, Z. ; McLachlan, C.S. ; Deng, Y. ; Tay, S.K.H.
711-Jan-2008Co-ordinated intra-abdominal and intra-thoracic pressures regulate cough assisted cardiac circulatory supportMcLachlan, C.S. ; Yow, S.Z.
82005Combined pharmacologic treatment with clopidogrel and statin for patients with acute coronary syndrome: Is there a survival advantage? [3] (multiple letters)Almsherqi, Z. ; Deng, Y. ; Mclachlan, C. ; Mossop, P.J.; Lim, M.J.; Mehta, R.H.
92005Differences in anxiety-related behavior between apolipoprotein E-deficient C57BL/6 and wild type C57BL/6 miceMcLachlan, C.S. ; Yi Xing Soh, C.
102006Displacement of the beating heart induces an immediate and sustained increase in myocardial reactive oxygen speciesAlmsherqi, Z.A. ; McLachlan, C.S. ; Deng, Y. ; Tay, S.K.H.; Kostetski, I. ; Liu, S.-L.; Lai, C.-S.; Chiu, C.-C.
112010Do viruses subvert cholesterol homeostasis to induce host cubic membranes?Deng, Y. ; Almsherqi, Z.A. ; Ng, M.M.L. ; Kohlwein, S.D.
122009Down regulation of immuno-detectable cardiac connexin-43 in BALB/c mice following acute fastingMcLachlan, C.S. ; Almsherqi, Z.A. ; Leong, S.T.; Deng, Y. ; Mossop, P.; Suzuki, J.
132005Evaluation of clopidogrel resistance [3]Almsherqi, Z.A. ; McLachlan, C. ; Mossop, P.J.; Deng, Y. 
143-Apr-2009High dose Clopidogrel decreases mice liver mitochondrial respiration function in vitroTAI YEE KIT ; Cheong, Y.M.C.; Almsherqi, Z.A. ; Chia, S.H.; Deng, Y. ; McLachlan, C.S. 
152005Homocysteine is positively associated with cytokine IL-18 plasma levels in coronary artery bypass surgery patientsMcLachlan, C.S. ; Chua, W.C.-N.; Wong, P.T.H.; Ti, L.K. ; Chen, C.; El, Oakley R.M. 
162005Homocysteine is positively associated with cytokine IL-18 plasma levels in coronary artery bypass surgery patientsMcLachlan, C.S. ; Chua, W.C.-N. ; Wong, P.T.H. ; Ti, L.K. ; Chen, C. ; El, Oakley R.M. ; McLachlan, C.S.
17Oct-2005Interpretation of clopidogrel resistance (multiple letters)Almsherqi, Z.A. ; Mclachan, C. ; Deng, Y. ; Dziewierz, A.; Dudek, D.; Dubiel, J.S.
18May-2007Letter by McLachlan et al regarding article, "cough cardiopulmonary resuscitation revisited" [1]McLachlan, C.S. ; Yow, S.Z.; Al-Anazi, M.; El Oakley, R.M.
192006More on: Enhanced antiplatelet effect of clopidogrel in patients whose platelets are least inhibited by aspirin: A randomized crossover trial [12]Almsherqi, Z.A. ; Mclachlan, C.S. ; Sharef, S.M.
2027-Feb-2007Natriuretic peptides and heart failure [6]McLachlan, C.S. ; Yu, H.; Mossop, P.