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Simon Charles Benjamin
(not current staff)
Benjamin, S.C.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2012A new type of radical-pair-based model for magnetoreceptionStoneham, A.M.; Gauger, E.M.; Porfyrakis, K.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Lovett, B.W.
227-Feb-2009Comment on "multipartite entanglement among single spins in diamond"Lovett, B.W.; Benjamin, S.C. 
3May-2012Comment on 'A scattering quantum circuit for measuring Bell's time inequality: A nuclear magnetic resonance demonstration using maximally mixed states'Knee, G.C.; Gauger, E.M.; Briggs, G.A.D.; Benjamin, S.C. 
422-Jul-2010Distributed quantum computation with arbitrarily poor photon detectionMatsuzaki, Y.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Fitzsimons, J.
517-May-2010Entangling remote nuclear spins linked by a chromophoreSchaffry, M.; Filidou, V.; Karlen, S.D.; Gauger, E.M.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Anderson, H.L.; Ardavan, A.; Briggs, G.A.D.; Maeda, K.; Henbest, K.B.; Giustino, F.; Morton, J.J.L.; Lovett, B.W.
630-Jun-2011Entangling unstable optically active matter qubitsMatsuzaki, Y.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Fitzsimons, J.
72008Evolutionary route to computation in self-assembled nanoarraysBenjamin, S.C. 
814-Dec-2010Fault tolerant quantum computation with nondeterministic gatesLi, Y.; Barrett, S.D.; Stace, T.M.; Benjamin, S.C. 
9Sep-2012High threshold distributed quantum computing with three-qubit nodesLi, Y.; Benjamin, S.C. 
1016-Jan-2009Large spin entangled current from a passive deviceKolli, A.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Coello, J.G.; Bose, S.; Lovett, B.W.
11Feb-2013Long range failure-tolerant entanglement distributionLi, Y.; Barrett, S.D.; Stace, T.M.; Benjamin, S.C. 
125-Jul-2011Magnetic field sensing beyond the standard quantum limit under the effect of decoherenceMatsuzaki, Y.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Fitzsimons, J. 
1329-May-2009Magnetic field sensing beyond the standard quantum limit using 10-spin noon statesJones, J.A.; Karlen, S.D.; Fitzsimons, J.; Ardavan, A.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Briggs, G.A.D.; Morton, J.J.L.
145-Jan-2009Measurement-based approach to entanglement generation in coupled quantum dotsKolli, A.; Lovett, B.W.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Stace, T.M.
1524-Sep-2008Measurement-based entanglement under conditions of extreme photon lossCampbell, E.T.; Benjamin, S.C. 
16Jan-2012Measurement-based quantum computing with a spin ensemble coupled to a stripline cavityPing, Y.; Gauger, E.M.; Benjamin, S.C. 
175-Mar-2013Practicality of spin chain wiring in diamond quantum technologiesPing, Y.; Lovett, B.W.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Gauger, E.M.
183-Feb-2010Probabilistic growth of large entangled states with low error accumulationMatsuzaki, Y.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Fitzsimons, J.
1910-Nov-2011Proposed spin amplification for magnetic sensors employing crystal defectsSchaffry, M.; Gauger, E.M.; Morton, J.J.L.; Benjamin, S.C. 
202009Prospects for measurement-based quantum computing with solid state spinsBenjamin, S.C. ; Lovett, B.W.; Smith, J.M.