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Joseph Fitzsimons
Fitzsimons, J.F.
Fitzsimons, J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016A quantum approach to homomorphic encryptionTan, S.-H; Kettlewell, J.A; Ouyang, Y; Chen, L; Fitzsimons, J.F 
22011Adiabatic quantum simulatorsBiamonte, J.D; Bergholm, V; Whitfield, J.D; Fitzsimons, J ; Aspuru-Guzik, A
320-Jan-2012Demonstration of blind quantum computingBarz, S.; Kashefi, E.; Broadbent, A.; Fitzsimons, J.F. ; Zeilinger, A.; Walther, P.
4Nov-2013Experimental verification of quantum computationBarz, S.; Fitzsimons, J.F. ; Kashefi, E.; Walther, P.
52017Flow ambiguity: A path towards classically driven blind quantum computationMantri, A; Demarie, T.F; Menicucci, N.C; Fitzsimons, J.F 
62014Freely scalable quantum technologies using cells of 5-to-50 qubits with very lossy and noisy photonic linksNickerson, N.H; Fitzsimons, J.F ; Benjamin, S.C
72-Apr-2014Hardness of classically simulating the one-clean-qubit modelMorimae, T.; Fujii, K.; Fitzsimons, J.F. 
89-Aug-2013Information capacity of a single photonRohde, P.P.; Fitzsimons, J.F. ; Gilchrist, A.
95-Jul-2011Magnetic field sensing beyond the standard quantum limit under the effect of decoherenceMatsuzaki, Y.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Fitzsimons, J. 
103-Dec-2013Optimal blind quantum computationMantri, A.; Pérez-Delgado, C.A.; Fitzsimons, J.F. 
112018Quantum advantage for probabilistic one-time programsRoehsner, M.-C.; Kettlewell, J.A.; Batalhão, T.B.; Fitzsimons, J.F. ; Walther, P.
122015Quantum correlations which imply causationFitzsimons, J.F ; Jones, J.A; Vedral, V 
139-Oct-2012Quantum walks with encrypted dataRohde, P.P.; Fitzsimons, J.F. ; Gilchrist, A.
1422-Apr-2011Rapid and robust spin state amplificationClose, T.; Fadugba, F.; Benjamin, S.C. ; Fitzsimons, J. ; Lovett, B.W.
152019Resource-efficient verification of quantum computing using Serfling’s boundTakeuchi, Y.; Mantri, A.; Morimae, T.; Mizutani, A.; Fitzsimons, J.F. 
162017Unconditionally verifiable blind quantum computationFitzsimons, J.F ; Kashefi, E
172017Universality of quantum computation with cluster states and (X, Y)-plane measurementsMantri, A; Demarie, T.F; Fitzsimons, J.F