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Xu Jinfeng
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Jinfeng, X.
Xu, J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
115-Apr-2013A fast collapsed data method for estimating haplotype frequencies from pooled genotype data with applications to the study of rare variantsKuk, A.Y.C. ; Li, X.; Xu, J. 
22011A robust test for multi-ordered 2 × J ordinal contingency tablesYuan, M.; Xu, J. ; Yang, Y.; Zheng, G.
327-Aug-2010A study of the efficiency of pooling in haplotype estimationKuk, A.Y.C. ; Xu, J. ; Yang, Y.
4Jul-2012Bayes Factor Based on the Trend Test Incorporating Hardy-Weinberg Disequilibrium: More Power to Detect Genetic AssociationXu, J. ; Yuan, A.; Zheng, G.
5Jul-2013Case-control genome-wide joint association study using semiparametric empirical model and approximate Bayes factorXu, J. ; Zheng, G.; Yuan, A.
630-Apr-2012Detecting case-control expression quantitative trait loci using locally most powerful or maximin robust rank testsYuan, A.; Xu, J. ; Yue, Q.; Zheng, G.
7Mar-2010Dimension reduction and semiparametric estimation of survival modelsXia, Y. ; Zhang, D.; Xu, J. 
82012High-dimensional cox regression analysis in genetic studies with censored survival outcomesXu, J. 
9Jan-2013Impact on Modes of Inheritance and Relative Risks of Using Extreme Sampling When Designing Genetic Association StudiesZheng, G.; Jinfeng, X. ; Yuan, A.; Colin, O.W.
10Jun-2009On the k-sample Behrens-Fisher problem for high-dimensional dataZhang, J. ; Xu, J. 
11Apr-2010Rank-based variable selection with censored dataXu, J. ; Leng, C. ; Ying, Z.
12Dec-2009Relative efficiency of the Fuzzy p-value approach to hypothesis testingKuk, A.Y.C. ; Xu, J. 
13Sep-2013Resampling-based efficient shrinkage method for non-smooth minimandsXu, J. 
14Apr-2012Root-n estimability of some missing data modelsYuan, A.; Xu, J. ; Zheng, G.
15Jun-2010Simultaneous estimation and variable selection in median regression using Lasso-type penaltyXu, J. ; Ying, Z.
162012Single marker association analysis for unrelated samplesZheng, G.; Xu, J. ; Yuan, A.; Gastwirth, J.L.
17Jul-2012Sparse paired comparisons in the bradley-terry modelYan, T.; Yang, Y.; Xu, J. 
18Sep-2010Statistical analysis of illness-death processes and semicompeting risks DataXu, J. ; Kalbfleisch, J.D.; Tai, B. 
19Oct-2009Statistical inference for induced L-statistics: A random perturbation approachXu, J. ; Zhao, L.; Leng, C. 
202010Testing genetic association in pair-matched case-control design by incorporating Hardy-Weinberg disequilibriumYuan, M.; Xu, J.