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Jin-Ting Zhang
Zhang, J.-T.
Zhang, J.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jan-2013A modified Bartlett test for heteroscedastic one-way MANOVAZhang, J.-T. ; Liu, X.
22012A modified Bartlett test for linear hypotheses in heteroscedastic one-way ANOVAZhang, J.-T. ; Liu, X.
3Mar-2012A note on the modified two-way MANOVA testsZhang, J.-T. ; Xiao, S.
424-Dec-2021A Revisit to Bai--Saranadasa's Two-Sample TestJin-Ting Zhang ; Tianming Zhu 
52011A score test for variance components in a semiparametric mixed-effects model under non-normalitySun, Y.; Zhang, J.-T. 
6Oct-2004A simple and efficient monotone smoother using smoothing splinesZhang, J.-T. 
730-May-2019A simple two-sample test in high dimensions based on L2-normJin-Ting Zhang ; Jia Guo; Bu Zhou; Ming-Yen Cheng
8Jan-2012An approximate degrees of freedom test for heteroscedastic two-way ANOVAZhang, J.-T. 
9Mar-2005Approximate and asymptotic distributions of chi-squared-type mixtures with applicationsZhang, J.-T. 
10May-2010Comments on: Dynamic relations for sparsely sampled Gaussian processesFan, J.; Zhang, J.-T. ; Zhang, W.
112005Discretization approach and nonparametric modeling for long-term HIV dynamic modelChen, J.; Zhang, J.-T. ; Wu, H.
1218-Jun-2018Linear Hypothesis Testing With Functional DataJin-Ting Zhang 
13Sep-2002Local polynomial mixed-effects models for longitudinal dataWu, H.; Zhang, J.-T. 
14Jul-2009Local polynomial modelling for varying-coefficient informative survival modelsZhang, W.; Sun, Y.; Zhang, J.-T. ; Wang, D.
152010Modeling HIV dynamics using unified mixed-effects modelsZhang, J.-T. ; Wu, H.
1615-Aug-2018New Tests for Equality of Several Covariance Functions for Functional DataJia Guo; ZHOU BU ; ZHANG JIN-TING 
17Jun-2009On the k-sample Behrens-Fisher problem for high-dimensional dataZhang, J. ; Xu, J. 
18Mar-2014One-way ANOVA for functional data via globalizing the pointwise F-testZhang, J.-T. ; Liang, X.
192005SiZer for smoothing splinesMarron, J.S.; Zhang, J.-T. 
20Jul-2007Statistical inferences for functional dataZhang, J.-T. ; Chen, J.