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Yingcun Xia
Yingcun, X.
Xia, Y.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Dec-2007A constructive approach to the estimation of dimension reduction directionsXia, Y. 
2Jan-2004A goodness-of-fit test for single-index modelsXia, Y. ; Li, W.K.; Tong, H.; Zhang, D.
3Dec-2008A multiple-index model and dimension reductionXia, Y. 
4Nov-2009A note on the backfitting estimation of additive modelsYingcun, X. 
5Jul-2008A semiparametric approach to canonical analysisXia, Y. 
6Aug-2012A single-index quantile regression model and its estimationKong, E.; Xia, Y. 
7Apr-2012Adaptive semi-varying coefficient model selectionHu, T.; Xia, Y. 
8Dec-2006Asymptotic distributions for two estimators of the single-index modelXia, Y. 
9Jul-2013Comment on: "Local quantile regression" by Spokoiny, Wang, and HärdleXia, Y. 
1027-Feb-2019Composite Coefficient of Determination and Its Application in Ultrahigh Dimensional Variable ScreeningEfang Kong; Yingcun Xia ; Wei Zhong
1130-Oct-2006Cumulative effects of air pollution on public healthXia, Y. ; Tong, H.
12Mar-2010Dimension reduction and semiparametric estimation of survival modelsXia, Y. ; Zhang, D.; Xu, J. 
132004Efficient estimation for semivarying-coefficient modelsXia, Y. ; Zhang, W.; Tong, H.
142015Estimation in generalised varying-coefficient models with unspecified link functionsZhang Wenyang; Li Degui; Xia Yingcun 
152011Feature matching in time series modelingXia, Y. ; Tong, H.
161-Oct-2009Impact of unknown covariance structures in semiparametric models for longitudinal data: An application to Wisconsin diabetes dataLi, J. ; Xia, Y. ; Palta, M.; Shankar, A.
17Aug-2004Measles metapopulation dynamics: A gravity model for epidemiological coupling and dynamicsXia, Y. ; Bjørnstad, O.N.; Grenfell, B.T.
189-Apr-2008Measles on the edge: Coastal heterogeneities and infection dynamicsBharti, N.; Xia, Y. ; Bjornstad, O.N.; Grenfell, B.T.
19Mar-2009Model checking in regression via dimension reductionXia, Y. 
202013On a principal varying coefficient modelJiang, Q.; Wang, H.; Xia, Y. ; Jiang, G.