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Zhang Xiaodong
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Zhang X.
Zhang, Xiaodong
Zhang, X.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jan-2013A Functional Alternative Splicing Mutation in AIRE Gene Causes Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome Type 1Zhang, J.; Liu, H.; Liu, Z.; Liao, Y.; Guo, L.; Wang, H.; He, L.; Zhang, X. ; Xing, Q.
2Dec-2011A functional alternative splicing mutation in human tryptophan hydroxylase-2Zhang, X. ; Nicholls, P.J.; Laje, G.; Sotnikova, T.D.; Gainetdinov, R.R.; Albert, P.R.; Rajkowska, G.; Stockmeier, C.A.; Speer, M.C.; Steffens, D.C.; Austin, M.C.; McMahon, F.J.; Krishnan, K.R.R.; Garcia-Blanco, M.A.; Caron, M.G.
39-May-2008A regulatory domain in the N terminus of tryptophan hydroxylase 2 controls enzyme expressionMurphy, K.L.; Zhang, X. ; Gainetdinov, R.R.; Beaulieu, J.-M.; Caron, M.G.
416-Jan-2013Chronic SSRI treatment exacerbates serotonin deficiency in humanized Tph2 mutant miceSiesser, W.B.; Sachs, B.D.; Ramsey, A.J.; Sotnikova, T.D.; Beaulieu, J.-M.; Zhang, X. ; Caron, M.G.; Gainetdinov, R.R.
52015Early life environmental and pharmacological stressors result in persistent dysregulations of the serotonergic systemWong P. ; Sze Y. ; Grayn L.J.; Roei Chang C.C. ; Cai S. ; Zhang X. 
62017Genetic or pharmacological activation of the Drosophila PGC-1? ortholog spargel rescues the disease phenotypes of genetic models of Parkinson's diseaseNg C.-H.; Basil A.H.; Hang L.; Tan R.; Goh K.-L.; O'Neill S. ; Zhang X. ; Yu F.; Lim K.-L. 
72015Infection of male rats with Toxoplasma gondii results in enhanced delay aversion and neural changes in the nucleus accumbens coreTan, Donna; Soh, Linda Jing Ting; Lim, Leewei; Tan, Chia Wei Daniel ; Zhang, Xiaodong ; Vyas, Ajai
831-Mar-2014Metabolic tinkering by the gut microbiome: Implications for brain development and functionSelkrig, J.; Wong, P. ; Zhang, X. ; Pettersson, S.
9Jun-2012Metabotropic glutamate receptors as targets for novel antipsychotic treatmentsGray, L.J. ; Hannan, A.J.; Zhang, X. 
1011-Dec-2012Pregnenolone Rescues Schizophrenia-Like Behavior in Dopamine Transporter Knockout MiceWong, P. ; Chang, C.C.R. ; Marx, C.E.; Caron, M.G.; Wetsel, W.C.; Zhang, X. 
1120-May-2008Reply to Belmaker et al.: GSK3β haploinsufficiency results in lithium-like effects in the forced-swim testBeaulieu, J.-M.; Zhang, X. ; Rodriguiz, R.M.; Sotnikova, T.D.; Wetsel, W.C.; Gainetdinov, R.R.; Caron, M.G.
1229-Jan-2008Role of GSK3β in behavioral abnormalities induced by serotonin deficiencyBeaulieu, J.-M.; Zhang, X. ; Rodriguiz, R.M.; Sotnikova, T.D.; Cools, M.J.; Wetsel, W.C.; Gainetdinov, R.R.; Caron, M.G.
131-Jan-2014Sustained attention performance during sleep deprivation associates with instability in behavior and physiologic measures at baselineChua, E.C.-P.; Yeo, S.-C.; Lee, I.T.-G. ; Tan, L.-C.; Lau, P. ; Cai, S. ; Zhang, X. ; Puvanendran, K. ; Gooley, J.J. 
1413-May-2013Targeted ANP32E Mutant Mice Do Not Demonstrate Obvious Movement DefectsWong, P. ; Leo, V.I.; Low, M.; Mak, T.W.; Zhang, X. ; Reilly, P.T.
152010The dopamine metabolite 3-methoxytyramine is a neuromodulatorSotnikova, T.D.; Beaulieu, J.-M.; Espinoza, S.; Masri, B.; Zhang, X. ; Salahpour, A.; Barak, L.S.; Caron, M.G.; Gainetdinov, R.R.
16Aug-2010Tryptophan hydroxylase 2 genotype determines brain serotonin synthesis but not tissue content in C57Bl/6 and BALB/c congenic miceSiesser, W.B.; Zhang, X. ; Jacobsen, J.P.R.; Sotnikova, T.D.; Gainetdinov, R.R.; Caron, M.G.