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Liu Zhejie
Liu, Z.J.
Zhejie, L.
Liu, Z.
Liu, Zhejie


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
120063D analysis of medium field with consideration of perpendicular head-medium combinationsChai, K.S.; Liu, Z.J. ; Li, J.T.; Long, H.H.
2Mar-2002A dynamic model of the disk drive spindle motor and its applicationsFu, W.N.; Liu, Z.J. ; Bi, C. 
31997A hybrid technique for electromagnetic torque and force analysis of electric machinesLow, T.S. ; Bi, C. ; Liu, Z.J. 
4Jun-2010A simulation model for two dimensional recording on continuous granular mediaLiu, Z.J. ; Chen, B.J.; Wang, H.T.; Zhang, S.H.
52008Accurate prediction of magnetic field and magnetic forces in permanent magnet motors using an analytical solutionLiu, Z.J. ; Li, J.T.
6May-1995Analysis of eddy current and thermal problems in permanent magnet machines with radial-field topologiesLiu, Z.J. ; Binns, K.J.; Low, T.S. 
71997Analysis of iron loss in hard disk drive spindle motorsLiu, Z.J. ; Bi, C. ; Low, T.-S. 
81996Analysis of unbalanced-magnetic-pulls in hard disk drive spindle motors using a hybrid methodChao, B.; Liu, Z.J. ; Low, T.S. 
9Oct-2007Analytical solution of air-gap field in permanent-magnet motors taking into account the effect of pole transition over slotsLiu, Z.J. ; Li, J.T.
101999Application of Taguchi method to robust design of BLDC motor performanceWang, H.T.; Liu, Z.J. ; Chen, S.X. ; Yang, J.P.
111999Application of Taguchi Method to Robust Design of BLDC Motor PerformanceWang, H.T.; Liu, Z.J. ; Chen, S.X. ; Yang, J.P.
122005Cogging torque prediction by superposition of torque due to pole transition over slotLiu, Z.J. ; Li, J.T.; Jabbar, M.A. 
13May-1995Combined numerical and analytical approach for magnetic field analysis of permanent magnet machinesLiu, Z.J. ; Bi, C. ; Tan, H.C.; Low, T-S. 
142000Computation of forces and torque in electric machinesJabbar, M.A. ; Aye, Win Lai; Liu, Z.J. ; Rahman, M.A.
151998Design of Brushless DC spindle motors for high speed HDD recordingLiu, Z.J. ; Chen, S.X. ; Zhang, Q.D. 
16Mar-2004Design optimization for cogging torque minimization using response surface methodologyLi, J.T.; Liu, Z.J. ; Jabbar, M.A. ; Gao, X.K. 
172004Determination of machine parameters for internal permanent magnet synchronous motorsJabbar, M.A. ; Dong, J.; Liu, Z. 
18Oct-2005Distribution of slanted write field for perpendicular recording heads with shielded poleLiu, Z.J. ; Li, J.T.; Long, H.H.; Wang, H.T.; Li, H.L.
192005Distribution of slanted write field for perpendicular recording heads with shielded poleLiu, Z.J. ; Li, T.; Wang, H.T.; Wang, J.P.
20Dec-2003Domain-specific portal for the precision component and tooling industry in Singapore - Needs analysis and a test-bed implementationWang, J. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Lee, K.S. ; Huang, X. ; Liao, Q. ; Loh, H.T. ; Liu, Z.