Full Name
Loh, Han Tong
(not current staff)
Tong Loh, H.
Loh, H.T.
Loh, H.-T.
Tong, L.H.
Main Affiliation

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-20103D CAD model matching from 2D local invariant featuresZhu, K.P. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Lu, W.F. ; Loh, H.T. 
2Jan-20123D CAD model retrieval with perturbed Laplacian spectraZhu, K. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Loh, H.T. ; Lu, W.F. 
320093D CAD model search: A regularized manifold learning approachZhu, K.P. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Loh, H.T. ; Lu, W.F. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. 
415-Jan-1995A feature-based flat pattern development system for sheet metal partsSee Toh, K.H. ; Loh, H.T. ; Nee, A.Y.C. ; Lee, K.S. 
52006A framework of information and knowledge management for product design and development - A text mining approachLiu, Y. ; Lu, W.F. ; Loh, H.T. 
62006A Framework of Information and Knowledge Management for Product Design and Development - A Text Mining ApproachLiu, Y.; Feng Lu, W. ; Tong Loh, H. 
72003A machine learning approach for the duration of biomedical literatureShi, M. ; Edwin, D.S.; Menon, R. ; Shen, L. ; Lim, J.Y.K.; Loh, H.T. ; Keerthi, S.S. ; Ong, C.J. 
8Jul-2011A numerical investigation of particle trajectory inside hard disk drivesLiu, N.; He, Z.; Chow, C.K.T.; Loh, H.T. 
92010A numerical investigation of particle trajectory inside HDDsLiu, N.; He, Z.; Chow, C.K.T.; Loh, H.T. 
10Oct-1990A PC-based software package for automated punch-selection and tool-path generation for a CNC nibbling machineLoh, H.T. ; Nee, A.Y.C. ; Choong, N.F.
112008A preliminary study on the current status of New Product Development in SingaporeLoh, H.T. ; Sun, J. ; Lu, W.F. ; Nyeow, L.S.
12Mar-2005A probabilistic approach to evaluate the reliability of piezoelectric micro-actuatorsHe, Z.; Loh, H.T. ; Ong, E.H.
132005A reliability model for piezoelectric actuatorsHe, Z.; Loh, H.T. ; Xie, M. ; Guo, X.
142007A simple probability based term weighting scheme for automated text classificationLiu, Y.; Loh, H.T. 
15Nov-2006A Six-sigma approach for benchmarking of RP&M processesMahesh, M. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Loh, H.T. 
162012A study of foot and ankle kinematics during stance phase of normal walkingWang, X.; Lu, W.F. ; Loh, H.T. ; Wong, Y.S. ; Ong, F.R.
17May-2002A technique to achieve maximal manufacturing yield in engineering designJayaram, J.S.R. ; Ibrahim, Y. ; Loh, H.T. ; Brombacher, A.C. 
18Feb-2007A two-dimensional probability model for evaluating reliability of piezoelectric micro-actuatorsHe, Z.; Loh, H.T. ; Xie, M. 
19Aug-2003A volumetric difference-based adaptive slicing and deposition method for layered manufacturingYang, Y.; Fuh, J.Y.H. ; Loh, H.T. ; Wong, Y.S. 
2010-Aug-2000Accelerated stress testing in a time-driven product development processLu, Y. ; Loh, H.T. ; Brombacher, A.C.; Ouden, E.D.