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Pan Shan Ling
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Pan, S.-L.
Pan, S.
Pan, S.L.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12012A bricolage perspective on healthcare information systems design: An improvisation modelTeoh, S.Y.; Wickramasinghe, N.; Pan, S.L. 
22006A dual-level analysis of the capability development process: A case study of TT&TPan, S. ; Pan, G.; Hsieh, M.H.
3Nov-2006A dual-level analysis of the capability development process: A case study of TT&TPan, S. ; Pan, G.; Hsieh, M.H.
4Feb-2014Achieving IT-enabled enterprise agility in China: An IT organizational identity perspectiveWang, Z.; Pan, S.L. ; Ouyang, T.H.; Chou, T.-C.
52012Advancing public trust relationships in electronic government: The Singapore E-Filing journeyLim, E.T.K.; Tan, C.-W.; Cyr, D.; Pan, S.L. ; Xiao, B.
62012An examination of interdependencies in a B2C platform in China: The case of M.comTan, F.T.C.; Zuo, M.; Pan, S.L. 
72011Attaining and enacting green leadership: Insights from the green it initiatives of china mobileTan, B.; Pan, S.L. ; Zuo, M.
82005Automatic knowledge extraction from survey data: Learning M-of-N constructs using a hybrid approachSetiono, R. ; Pan, S.-L. ; Hsieh, M.-H.; Azcarraga, A.
92012Being responsive to your customer: Developing customer agility through information managementHuang, P.-Y.; Pan, S.L. ; Zuo, M.
102010Boundary spanning by design: Insights from a vendor perspectiveDu, W.; Pan, S.L. 
112013Boundary spanning by design: Toward aligning boundary-spanning capacity and strategy in it outsourcingDu, W.D. ; Pan, S.L. 
122011Bridging boundaries in offshore outsourcing organizations: A case study of promoting KM system initiatives in Wipro technologiesWang, Z.; Pan, S.-L. ; Chen, E.J.; Wu, Y.
132003Bridging communities of practice with information technology in pursuit of global knowledge sharingPan, S.L. ; Leidner, D.E.
142012Crisis response information networksPan, S.L. ; Pan, G.; Leidner, D.E.
152006Customer relationship management (CRM) in e-government: a relational perspectivePan, S.-L. ; Tan, C.-W.; Lim, E.T.K.
162003Dangerous liaisons? Component-based development and organizational subculturesHuang, J.C.; Newell, S.; Galliers, R.D.; Pan, S.-L. 
172004De-escalation of commitment to information systems projects: A process perspectivePan, G.S.C.; Pan, S.L. ; Flynn, D.
182010Delivering knowledge across boundaries: A process model of knowledge delivery in offshoring projectsFeng, Y.; Ye, H.; Pan, S.L. 
192011Demystifying case research: A structured-pragmatic-situational (SPS) approach to conducting case studiesPan, S.L. ; Tan, B.
202010Developing a customer-centric, inclusive E-Government: Lessons from the central provident fund board of SingaporeTan, B.; Pan, S.L. ; Cha, V.