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Kwik Whei Lu
Kwik, W.-L.
Kwik, W.L.
Kwik, W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11990Coordinating properties of 2-pyridyldiphenylphosphine with some metal carbonylsAng, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Lau, P.T.
21989Crystal, molecular, and electronic structures of pentaammineruthenium(III)-thioether complexesKrogh-Jespersen, K.; Zhang, X.; Westbrook, J.D.; Fikar, R.; Nayak, K.; Kwik, W.-L. ; Potenza, J.A.; Schugar, H.J.
31985Development of soymilk-A reviewAng, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Theng, C.Y.
41986Evaluation of soymilk and other soy products derived from defatted soymealAng, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Lim, K.K.; Theng, C.Y.
51990Formation of a novel delocalised diphosphazene upon complexation. The preparation and X-ray structure of Pd2Cl4[(CF 3)2P=N=PPh3]2Ang, H.G. ; Cai, Y.M.; Kwik, W.L. ; Rheingold, A.L.
619-Feb-1991Formation of novel delocalised diphosphazene upon complexation-the preparation and X-ray structure of Os3(CO)10[(CF3)2PNPPh3]2Ang, H.G. ; Cai, Y.M.; Kwik, W.L. ; Morrison, E.C. ; Tocher, D.A.
71994Gas phase structure of (trifluoromethyl)arsonous diazide, CF3As(N3)2Ang, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Lee, V.W.; Oberhammer, H.
81-May-1992Gas-phase structure of bis(trifluoromethyl) arsinous azide (CF3)2As N3Ghee Ang, H. ; Kwik, W.-L. ; Wang Lee, Y.; Liedle, S.; Oberhammer, H.
9Sep-1990High performance liquid chromatography of some N-pentafluorophenyl derivativesAng, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Ong, K.K.
101991High-performance liquid chromatography of substituted trinuclear osmium carbonyl clusters, Os3(CO)12-n[P(C6F5)3]n (n=0, 1, 2)Ang, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Leong, W.K. 
1126-Dec-1989HPLC studies of Os3(CO)12-n(CH3CN)n (n = 0, 1, 2)Ang, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Leong, W.K. 
12Feb-1987Mixed-ligand complex-formation of (2,2′,2″-terpyridine) copper(II) with monosubstituted phenolatesKwik, W.-L. ; Ang, K.-P.
131990Mixed-ligand complexes of copper(II) containing a monocondensed schiff base and an amino acid or amineKwik, W.L. ; Tay, A.W.N. 
141992Phosphinobenzyl- and aryl-silanes and their triosmium cluster carbonyl derivativesAng, H.G. ; Chang, B.; Kwik, W.L. 
153-Dec-1991Preferential attack of the terminal hydrogen in (μ-H)Os3(CO)11H by the (CF3)2NO radical and X-ray structure of {(μ-H)Os3(CO)11}[ON(CF3)2]Ang, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Koh, C.H.; Leong, W.K. ; Johnson, B.F.G.; Lewis, J.; Raithby, P.R.
161991Preparation and X-ray structure of a novel delocalized diphosphazene complex: [Os3(CO)11{(CF3)2PNPPh3}]Ang, H.G. ; Cai, Y.M.; Kwik, W.L. ; Leong, W.K. ; Tocher, D.A.
17Jan-1993Reaction of pentafluoronitrosobenzene with [Os3(CO)11(CH3CN)] and high-performance liquid chromatographic separation of...Ang, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Ong, K.K.
1812-Jul-1994Reaction of pentafluoronitrosobenzene with [Os3H(μ-H) (CO)10(MPh3) ](M = P, As, Sb): Synthesis and X-ray structure of [Os3(μ-H) (CO) 10(PPh3)(ONC6F4O)Ang, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Ong, K.K.
191993Reactions of perfluoroalkyl-substituted phosphines with osmium carbonyl clusters: Crystal structures of bridged, linked and substituted derivativesAng, H.-G. ; Koh, C.-H.; Koh, L.-L. ; Kwik, W.-L. ; Leong, W.-K. ; Leong, W.-Y.
201991Structural, electronic and electron paramagnetic resonance study of (pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato)copper(II) complexes with substituted imidazolesAng, H.G. ; Kwik, W.L. ; Hanson, G.R.; Crowther, J.A.; McPartlin, M.; Choi, N.