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Chitre, M.
Chitre, M.A.


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412008Enabling humans to hear the direction of sounds underwater - Experiments and preliminary resultsKoay, T.B. ; Tan, J. ; Tan, S.P. ; Tay, H. ; Chitre, M. ; Potter, J.R. 
422013Energy-efficient path planning for fully propelled AUVs in congested coastal watersKoay, T.-B.; Chitre, M. 
43Jan-2014Erratum: Analysis of a high-performance MAC protocol for underwater acoustic networks' [S. Shahabudeen, M. Motani, M. Chitre (IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering (2014) 39:1 (74-89) DOI: 10.1109/JOE.2013.2246741)Shahabudeen, S.; Motani, M. ; Chitre, M. 
442011Estimated flow noise levels due to a thin line digital towed arrayUnnikrishnan, K.C. ; Pallayil, V. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Kuselan, S. 
452003Estimating the spatial and temporal distribution of snapping shrimp using a portable, broadband 3-dimensional acoustic arrayBeng, K.T. ; Teck, T.E. ; Chitre, M. ; Potter, J.R. 
462004"Ghosts in the image" - Aliasing problems with incoherent synthetic aperture using a sparse arrayHoffmann-Kuhnt, M. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Potter, J.R. 
472008Hardware architecture for a modular autonomous underwater vehicle STARFISHSangekar, M. ; Chitre, M. ; Koay, T.B. 
482010Hierarchical agent-based command and control system for Autonomous Underwater VehiclesTeck, T.Y. ; Chitre, M. ; Vadakkepat, P. 
492012Hierarchical multi-agent command and control system for autonomous underwater vehiclesTeck, T.Y. ; Chitre, M. 
502012Improving PSK performance in snapping shrimp noise with rotated constellationsMahmood, A.; Chitre, M. ; Armand, M.A. 
512011Is synthetic aperture an essential tool for echoic shape recognition in dolphins?Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M. ; Chitre, M. ; Wellard, R.; Lee, J.; Abel, G.; Yeo, K. ; Chew, J.-L. 
522010Measuring the augmented sound localization ability of humans in the underwater environmentKoay, T.B. ; Yeo, S.K. ; Tan, G.H. ; Tan, S.P. ; Seekings, P.J. ; Chitre, M. 
532011Modular modeling of autonomous underwater vehicleShuzhe, C.; Soon, H.G. ; Hong, E.Y. ; Chitre, M. 
542006Multichannel Communication based on Adaptive Equalization in Very Shallow Water Acoustic ChannelsTan, B.A.; Motani, M. ; Chitre, M. ; Quek, S.S.
552010Network coding to combat packet loss in underwater networksChitre, M. ; Soh, W.-S. 
562013New sparse adaptive algorithms based on the natural gradient and the L 0-normPelekanakis, K. ; Chitre, M. 
572013Object detection with sector scanning sonarChew, J.L.; Chitre, M. 
582007On the use of rate-less codes in underwater acoustic file transfersChitre, M. ; Motani, M. 
592013Online system identification of the dynamics of an Autonomous Underwater vehicleHong, E.Y. ; Meng, T.K.; Chitre, M. 
602013Online system identification of the dynamics of an Autonomous Underwater vehicleHong, E.Y. ; Meng, T.K. ; Chitre, M.