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Venugopalan Pallayil
Venugopalan, P.
Payallil, V.
Pallayil, V.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
119991.6 Gigabit/second, 25-85 kHz acoustic imaging array-novel mechanical and electronics design aspectsVenugopalan, P. ; Deshpande, P. ; Badiu, S. ; Constantin, S. ; Lu, B.; Potter, J.R. 
2201150km long distance DFB fiber laser hydrophone systemChen, Z.; Ng, J.; Pallayil, V. 
32007A digital thin line towed array for small autonomous underwater platformsPallayil, V. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Deshpande, P.D. 
42012A PGC Demodulation Based on Differential-Cross-Multiplying (DCM) and Arctangent (ATAN) Algorithm with Low Harmonic Distortion and High StabilityYang, X.; Chen, Z.; Ng, J.H.; Pallayil, V. ; Unnikrishnan, K.C. 
52003Ambient noise imaging - First deployments of ROMANIS and preliminary data analysisVenugopalan, P. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Tan, E.T. ; Potter, J. ; Beng, K.T. ; Ruiz, S.B. ; Tan, S.P. 
6Aug-2012Ambient noise imaging in warm shallow waters; Robust statistical algorithms and range estimationChitre, M. ; Kuselan, S. ; Pallayil, V. 
72011Ambient Noise Imaging through joint source localizationKuselan, S. ; Chitre, M. ; Pallayil, V. 
82012Ambient noise imaging: Experiments with romanis, an ARL built underwater ANI cameraVenugopalan, P. ; Chitre, M. ; Kuselan, S. ; Raichur, A. ; Ignatius, M. ; Chandrika, U.K.; Chandhavarkar, N.R. ; Pieng, T.S. 
92004Broadband acoustic reflectivity and its application to the characterisation of materialsPallayil, V. ; Deshpande, P.D. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Potter, J.R. 
102010Design and development of a giga-bit ethernet based high speed broadband data acquisition system for an underwater imaging arraySubash, K. ; Amogh, R. ; Venugopalan, P. 
112012Design considerations for a DFB fibre laser based high sensitivity broadband hydrophoneChandrika, U.K. ; Pallayil, V. ; Lim, K.M.; Heng, C.H.
12Apr-2020Design of an adaptive noise canceller for improving performance of an autonomous underwater vehicle-towed linear arrayChi, Cheng ; Pallayil, Venugopalan ; Chitre, Mandar 
132011Development of a high sensitivity DFB fibre laser hydrophoneChandrika, U.K. ; Pallayil, V. ; Zhihao, C.; Hong, N.J.
142004Development of a shallow water ambient noise databasePieng, T.S. ; Beng, K.T. ; Venugopalan, P. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Potter, J.R. 
152011Estimated flow noise levels due to a thin line digital towed arrayUnnikrishnan, K.C. ; Pallayil, V. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Kuselan, S. 
162001Fibre channel storage area network design for an acoustic camera system with 1.6 Gbits/s bandwidthHong, Z.; Beng, K.T. ; Pallayil, V. ; Yilu, Z.; Potter, J.R. ; Choong, L.W.W. 
17Mar-2018GEACOUSTIC INVERSION USING AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLESLin, Ying-Tsong; Pallayil, Venugopalan ; Fischell, Erin
182010In-situ non-acoustic noise measurement system for towed hydrophone arrayGopi, S.; Felix, V.P.; Sebastian, S.; Pallayil, V. ; Kuselan, S. 
192007Numerical modeling of a time reversal experiment in shallow Singapore watersSong, H.C.; Hodgkiss, W.S.; Skinner, J.D.; Pallayil, V. ; Seekings, P.J. ; Topor, I. ; Potter, J.R. 
20Feb-2003PANDA: Pop-up ambient noise data acquisition system: A rapidly deployable, self-recovering shallow water acquisition platformBeng, K.T. ; Potter, J.R. ; Venugopalan, P. ; Teck, T.E.