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Matthias Hoffmann-Kuhnt
Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M.
Hoffmann-Kuhnt, Matthias
Hoffman-Kuhnt, M.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Advanced PANDA for high speed autonomous ambient noise data collection and boat tracking - System and resultsKoay, T.B. ; Seeking, P.J. ; Chitre, M. ; Tan, S.P. ; Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M. 
2Jul-2010AquaOptical: A lightweight device for high-rate long-range underwater point-to-point communicationDoniec, M.; Detweiler, C.; Vasilescu, I.; Chitre, M. ; Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M. ; Rus, D.
32007Denoising dolphin click series in the presence of tonals, using singular spectrum analysis and higher order statisticsSeekines, P.J. ; Tan, J. ; Potter, J. ; Hoffman-Kuhnt, M. ; Pack, A.A.; Herman, L.M.
42004"Ghosts in the image" - Aliasing problems with incoherent synthetic aperture using a sparse arrayHoffmann-Kuhnt, M. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Potter, J.R. 
52011Is synthetic aperture an essential tool for echoic shape recognition in dolphins?Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M. ; Chitre, M. ; Wellard, R.; Lee, J.; Abel, G.; Yeo, K. ; Chew, J.-L. 
62015Key research questions of global importance for cetacean conservationParsons E.C.M.; Baulch S.; Bechshoft T.; Bellazzi G.; Bouchet P.; Cosentino A.M.|Godard-Codding C.A.J.; Gulland F.; Hoffmann-Kuhnt, Matthias ; Hoyt E.; Livermore S.; MacLeod C.D.; Matrai E.; Munger L.; Ochiai M.; Peyman A.; Recalde-Salas A.; Regner
7Nov-2013Possible age-related hearing loss (presbycusis) and corresponding change in echolocation parameters in a stranded Indo-Pacific humpback dolphinLi, S.; Wang, D.; Wang, K.; Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M. ; Fernando, N.; Taylor, E.A.; Lin, W.; Chen, J.; Ng, T.
823-Mar-2021Possible limitations of dolphin echolocation: a simulation study based on a cross-modal matching experimentWei, Chong; Hoffmann-Kuhnt, Matthias ; Au, Whitlow W. L.; Ho, Abel Zhong Hao ; Matrai, Eszter; Feng, Wen; Ketten, Darlene R.; Zhang, Yu