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Teong Beng Koay
Koay, T.B.
Koay, T.-B.
Beng, K.T.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12004A compact real-time acoustic bandwidth compression system for real-time monitoring of ultrasoundKoay, T.B. ; Potter, J.R. ; Chitre, M. ; Ruiz, S. ; Delory, E.
22002A portable, self-contained, 5MSa/s data acquisition system for broadband, high frequency acoustic beamformingKoay, T.B. ; Tan, T.E. ; Potter, J.R. 
32007Advanced PANDA for high speed autonomous ambient noise data collection and boat tracking - System and resultsKoay, T.B. ; Seeking, P.J. ; Chitre, M. ; Tan, S.P. ; Hoffmann-Kuhnt, M. 
42003Ambient noise imaging - First deployments of ROMANIS and preliminary data analysisVenugopalan, P. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Tan, E.T. ; Potter, J. ; Beng, K.T. ; Ruiz, S.B. ; Tan, S.P. 
52004Development of a shallow water ambient noise databasePieng, T.S. ; Beng, K.T. ; Venugopalan, P. ; Chitre, M.A. ; Potter, J.R. 
62008Enabling humans to hear the direction of sounds underwater - Experiments and preliminary resultsKoay, T.B. ; Tan, J. ; Tan, S.P. ; Tay, H. ; Chitre, M. ; Potter, J.R. 
72003Estimating the spatial and temporal distribution of snapping shrimp using a portable, broadband 3-dimensional acoustic arrayBeng, K.T. ; Teck, T.E. ; Chitre, M. ; Potter, J.R. 
82001Fibre channel storage area network design for an acoustic camera system with 1.6 Gbits/s bandwidthHong, Z.; Beng, K.T. ; Pallayil, V. ; Yilu, Z.; Potter, J.R. ; Choong, L.W.W. 
92008Hardware architecture for a modular autonomous underwater vehicle STARFISHSangekar, M. ; Chitre, M. ; Koay, T.B. 
102010Measuring the augmented sound localization ability of humans in the underwater environmentKoay, T.B. ; Yeo, S.K. ; Tan, G.H. ; Tan, S.P. ; Seekings, P.J. ; Chitre, M. 
1128-May-2021Multi-USV Adaptive Exploration Using Kernel Information and Residual VarianceMishra, Rajat ; Koay, Teong Beng ; Chitre, Mandar ; Swarup, Sanjay 
122003Origins of directionality in snapping shrimp sounds and its potential applicationsChitre, M. ; Beng, K.T. ; Potter, J. 
13Feb-2003PANDA: Pop-up ambient noise data acquisition system: A rapidly deployable, self-recovering shallow water acquisition platformBeng, K.T. ; Potter, J.R. ; Venugopalan, P. ; Teck, T.E. 
142001PANDA; A self-recovering shallow water acoustic loggerKoay, T.B. ; Potter, J.R. ; Johansson, T. ; Venugopalan, P. 
152007Perfomance evaluation of a singal crystal hydrophoneSeekings, P.J. ; Koay, T.B. ; Chitre, M. ; Payallil, V. ; Deshpande, P. ; Jin, G.; Lim, L.-C.
1630-Jul-2019Robust Resolution of Velocity Ambiguity for Multi-Frequency Pulse-to-Pulse Coherent Doppler SonarsCHI CHENG ; HARI VISHNU ; KOAY TEONG BENG ; MANDAR ANIL CHITRE 
17Apr-2011STARFISH - A small team of autonomous robotic fishKoay, T.B. ; Tan, Y.T. ; Eng, Y.H. ; Gao, R. ; Chitre, M. ; Chew, J.L. ; Chandhavarkar, N. ; Khan, R.R.; Taher, T.; Koh, J.
182012The UNET-2 modem an extensible tool for underwater networking researchChitre, M. ; Topor, I. ; Koay, T.-B. 
192003Up close and personal: Recording humpback whale song at close ranges (10-50m)Potter, J.R. ; Koay, T.B. ; Pack, A.A.; Deakos, M.H.; Durville, C.
2026-Jul-2019Utilizing Orthogonal Coprime Signals to Improve Broadband Acoustic Doppler Current ProfilersCHI CHENG ; HARI VISHNU ; KOAY TEONG BENG ; MANDAR ANIL CHITRE