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Rajeev Kumar
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Kumar, Rajeev
Kumar, R.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Biomarkers of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseTang, B.L. ; Kumar, R. 
22008Differential item functioning of the Geriatric Depression Scale in an Asian populationBroekman, B.F.P. ; Nyunt, S.Z. ; Niti, M. ; Jin, A.Z.; Ko, S.M. ; Kumar, R. ; Fones, C.S.L. ; Ng, T.P. 
312-Apr-2016Dynamic Structural Evolution of Metal-Metal Bonding Network in Monolayer WS2Amara, Kiran Kumar; Chen, Yifeng ; Lin, Yung-Chang; Kumar, Rajeev ; Okunishi, Eiji; Suenaga, Kazu; Quek, Su Ying ; Eda, Goki 
42009Improving treatment access and primary care referrals for depression in a national community-based outreach programme for the elderlyNyunt, M.S.Z. ; Soo, M.K. ; Kumar, R. ; Fones, C.C.S.; Tze, P.N. 
52008Recruiting psychiatrists - The Singapore experienceBroekman, B.F.P. ; Kumar, R. ; Toh, A.Y.P.; Heok, K.E. 
62008Subsyndromal depression in old age: Clinical significance and impact in a multi-ethnic community sample of elderly SingaporeansChuan, S.K.; Kumar, R. ; Matthew, N. ; Heok, K.E. ; Pin, N.T. 
7Jun-2011Validation of a brief seven-item response bias-free geriatric depression scaleBroekman, Birit F P; Niti, Matthew ; Ma, Shwe Zin Nyunt ; Ko, Soo Meng ; Kumar, Rajeev ; Ng, Tze Pin 
830-Aug-2008Volumetrics of the caudate nucleus: Reliability and validity of a new manual tracing protocolLooi, J.C.L.; Lindberg, O.; Liberg, B.; Tatham, V.; Kumar, R. ; Maller, J.; Millard, E.; Sachdev, P.; Högberg, G.; Pagani, M.; Botes, L.; Engman, E.-L.; Zhang, Y.; Svensson, L.; Wahlund, L.-O.
92014Wet chemical thinning of molybdenum disulfide down to its monolayerAmara, K.K; Chu, L ; Kumar, R ; Toh, M ; Eda, G