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Tang Bor Luen
Tang, Bor Luen
Tang, B.-L.
Bor, L.T.
Luen, T.B.
Tang, B.L.
Tang B.L
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007A case for immunological approaches in detection and investigation of alien lifeTang, B.L. 
2Feb-2012A minimal or concise set of definition of life is not usefulTang, B.L. 
32006alpha-synuclein and Parkinson's disease: the first roadblock.Chua, C.E.; Tang, B.L. 
42005Alzheimer's disease: Channeling APP to non-amyloidogenic processingTang, B.L. 
52006AMIGO and friends: An emerging family of brain-enriched, neuronal growth modulating, type I transmembrane proteins with leucine-rich repeats (LRR) and cell adhesion molecule motifsChen, Y.; Aulia, S. ; Li, L.; Tang, B.L. 
6May-2012AMIGO is expressed in multiple brain cell types and may regulate dendritic growth and neuronal survivalChen, Y.; Hor, H.H.; Tang, B.L. 
713-Oct-2018Another longin SNARE for autophagosome-lysosome fusion - how does Ykt6 work?Cheryl Qian Ying Yong ; Bor Luen Tang 
82005APC/C regulation of axonal growth and synaptic functions in postmitotic neurons: The Liprin-α connectionTeng, F.Y.H. ; Tang, B.L. 
91991Apical cell surface expression of rat dipeptidyl peptidase IV in transfected madin-darby canine kidney cellsLow, S.H. ; Wong, S.H. ; Tang, B.L. ; Nathan Subramaniam, V. ; Bong, W. 
102006Axonal regeneration in adult CNS neurons - Signaling molecules and pathwaysTeng, F.Y.H.; Tang, B.L. 
112014BARP suppresses voltage-gated calcium channel activity and Ca2+-evoked exocytosisBéguin, P.; Nagashima, K.; Mahalakshmi, R.N.; Vigot, R.; Matsunaga, A.; Miki, T.; Ng, M.Y.; Ng, Y.J.A.; Lim, C.H.; Tay, H.S.; Hwang, L.-A.; Firsov, D.; Tang, B.L. ; Inagaki, N.; Mori, Y.; Seino, S.; Launey, T.; Hunziker, W.
122008Biomarkers of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's diseaseTang, B.L. ; Kumar, R. 
132006Cdh1-APC/C, cyclin B-Cdc2, and Alzheimer's disease pathologyAulia, S. ; Tang, B.L. 
142008Cell autonomous function of Nogo and reticulons: The emerging story at the endoplasmic reticulumTeng, F.Y.H.; Bor, L.T. 
151995Cell type differences in Golgi retention signals for transmembrane proteinsTang, B.L. ; Low, S.H. ; Wong, S.H. ; Hong, W. 
162014Class II HDACs and neuronal regenerationTang, B.L. 
172006Coaxing bone marrow stromal mesenchymal stem cells towards neuronal differentiation: Progress and uncertaintiesChen, Y.; Teng, F.Y.H.; Tang, B.L. 
182005Concepts of protein sorting or targeting signals and membrane topology in undergraduate teachingBor, L.T. ; Teng, F.Y.H. 
192005COPII and exit from the endoplasmic reticulumBor, L.T. ; Wang, Y. ; Yan, S.O.; Hong, W. 
201994Cytosolic factors block antibody binding to the C-terminal cytoplasmic tail of the KDEL receptorTang, B.L. ; Wong, S.H. ; Low, S.H. ; Subramaniam, V.N. ; Hong, W.