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Title: BARP suppresses voltage-gated calcium channel activity and Ca2+-evoked exocytosis
Authors: Béguin, P.
Nagashima, K.
Mahalakshmi, R.N.
Vigot, R.
Matsunaga, A.
Miki, T.
Ng, M.Y.
Ng, Y.J.A.
Lim, C.H.
Tay, H.S.
Hwang, L.-A.
Firsov, D.
Tang, B.L. 
Inagaki, N.
Mori, Y.
Seino, S.
Launey, T.
Hunziker, W.
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Béguin, P., Nagashima, K., Mahalakshmi, R.N., Vigot, R., Matsunaga, A., Miki, T., Ng, M.Y., Ng, Y.J.A., Lim, C.H., Tay, H.S., Hwang, L.-A., Firsov, D., Tang, B.L., Inagaki, N., Mori, Y., Seino, S., Launey, T., Hunziker, W. (2014). BARP suppresses voltage-gated calcium channel activity and Ca2+-evoked exocytosis. Journal of Cell Biology 205 (2) : 233-249. ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs) are key regulators of cell signaling and Ca2+-dependent release of neurotransmitters and hormones. Understanding the mechanisms that inactivate VGCCs to prevent intracellular Ca2+ overload and govern their specific subcellular localization is of critical importance. We report the identification and functional characterization of VGCC β-anchoring and -regulatory protein (BARP), a previously uncharacterized integral membrane glycoprotein expressed in neuroendocrine cells and neurons. BARP interacts via two cytosolic domains (I and II) with all Cavβ subunit isoforms, affecting their subcellular localization and suppressing VGCC activity. Domain I interacts at the β1 interaction domain-binding pocket in Cavβ and interferes with the association between Cavβ and Cavα1. In the absence of domain I binding, BARP can form a ternary complex with Cavα1 and Cavβ via domain II. BARP does not affect cell surface expression of Cavα1 but inhibits Ca2+ channel activity at the plasma membrane, resulting in the inhibition of Ca2+-evoked exocytosis. Thus, BARP can modulate the localization of Cavβ and its association with the Cavα1 subunit to negatively regulate VGCC activity. © 2014 Béguin et al.
Source Title: Journal of Cell Biology
ISSN: 15408140
DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201304101
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