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Pang Chee Khiang
(not current staff)
Khiang Pang, C.
Pang, C.
Pang, Chee Khiang
Pang, C.K.
Pang C.K


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12015A data-driven two-stage maintenance framework for degradation prediction in semiconductor manufacturing industriesLuo, Ming; Yan, Heng-Chao; Hu, Bin; Zhou, Jun-Hong; Pang, Chee Khiang 
22012A mixed time-/condition-based precognitive maintenance framework using support vectorsPang, C.K. ; Wang, X.; Zhou, J.
31-Feb-2014A peak filtering method with improved transient response for narrow-band disturbance rejection in hard disk drivesHong, F.; Pang, C.K. 
42013A robust linear programming model for small signal stability of dynamic systemsPang, C.K. ; Ng, T.S. ; Sy, C.L.
52011A systems design approach to manage mechatronics R&DPang, C.K. ; Ng, T.S. ; Lewis, F.L.; Lee, T.H. 
62011A systems design approach to manage mechatronics R&DPang, C.K. ; Ng, T.S. ; Lewis, F.L.; Lee, T.H. 
72012A two-stage equipment predictive maintenance framework for high-performance manufacturing systemsHu, B.; Pang, C.K. ; Luo, M.; Li, X.; Chan, H.L.
82011Adaptive non-model-based vibration control of critical flexible modes in mechatronic systemsPang, C.K. ; Dai, G.; Lee, T.H. ; Nagashima, M.
92013Aliased narrow-band disturbance rejection using phase-stabilization above nyquist frequencyTan, Y.Z.; Pang, C.K. ; Hong, F.; Lee, T.H. 
102012Aliased NRRO rejection using phase-stabilization above Nyquist frequencyTan, Y.Z.; Pang, C.K. ; Hong, F.; Lee, T.H. 
11Jul-2013Classification of energy consumption patterns for energy audit and machine scheduling in industrial manufacturing systemsLe, C.V.; Pang, C.K. ; Gan, O.P.; Chee, X.M.; Zhang, D.H.; Luo, M.; Chan, H.L.; Lewis, F.L.
122013Convex separable parametrization in integrated servo-mechanical design for high-performance mechatronicsTan, Y.Z.; Pang, C.K. ; Lee, T.H. ; Teo, T.J.
132010Data-driven approaches in health condition monitoring - A comparative studyGeramifard, O.; Xu, J.-X. ; Pang, C.K. ; Zhou, J.H.; Li, X.
14Oct-2009Design, fabrication, sensor fusion, and control of a micro X-Y stage media platform for probe-based storage systemsPang, C.K. ; Lu, Y.; Li, C.; Chen, J.; Zhu, H.; Yang, J.; Mou, J.; Guo, G.; Chen, B.M. ; Lee, T.H. 
152009Discrete event command & control for networked teams with multiple missions1Lewis, F.L.; Hudas, G.; Pang, C.K. ; Middleton, M.B.; Mcmurrough, C.
162010Disturbance rejection on critical resonant mode in hard disk drivesDai, G.; Hong, F.; Pang, C.K. ; Nagashima, M.
17Aug-2011Dominant feature identification for industrial fault detection and isolation applicationsZhou, J.-H.; Pang, C.K. ; Lewis, F.L.; Zhong, Z.-W.
182012Energy saving and monitoring technologies in manufacturing systems with industrial case studiesLe, C.V.; Pang, C.K. ; Gan, O.P.
19Jan-2008Experimental dynamic characterizations and modelling of disk vibrations for HDDsPang, C.K. ; Ong, E.H.; Guo, G.; Qian, H.
202002Experimental dynamic modeling and characterisations of disk platter resonancesPang, C.K. ; Ong, E.H. ; Guo, G.