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11997Yield comparison of push and pull control methods on production systems with unreliable machinesOu, J. ; Jiang, J.
21993X̄ control chart pattern identification through efficient off-line neural network trainingHwarng, H.Brian ; Hubele, Norma Faris
32010World container port throughput follows lognormal distributionDing, D.; Teo, C.-P. 
4Oct-1997Working at home -- myth or reality : an empirical study of factors affecting attitudes towards teleworkingLim, Vivien K. G. ; Teo, Thompson S. H. ; Wai, Sook Har
52012Who are the wellness travelers?Hui, T.-K. ; Thomgma, W.; Chen, K.-Y.; Wang, H.-C.
62009Who are the online grocers?Hui, T.-K. ; Wan, D. 
7Jul-2002What is the real source of root cause : simultaneous identification of mean shift and correalation changeHwarng, H. Brian 
82011What is electronic government service quality?Srivastava, S.C.; Teo, T.S.H. ; Nishant, R.
92007What facilitates e-government development? A cross-country analysisSrivastava, S.C. ; Theo, T.S.H. 
102011Web-enabled supply chain management: Key antecedents and performance impactsRanganathan, C.; Teo, T.S.H. ; Dhaliwal, J.
112004Warehouse-retailer network design problemTeo, C.-P. ; Shu, J. 
122001Warehouse sizing to minimize inventory and storage costsGoh, M. ; Jihong, O. ; Chung-Piaw, T. 
13Jan-1996Warehouse maintenance in a federated database architectureAnand, V. J.; Gunadhi, Himawan 
14Jan-2005Venture capital firms' diversification into new geographic markets : an integration of institutional and social network perspectivesSoh, Pek-Hooi ; Wu, Jane W.
152010Vehicle dispatching algorithms for container transshipment hubsLee, L.H. ; Chew, E.P. ; Tan, K.C. ; Wang, Y.
161990Validation of a user satisfaction instrument for office automation successWan, T.B. ; Wah, L.T.
171990Using the supplier relationship to develop the support industryTan, B.W. 
181997Using the CARMEN'S framework to model and acquire knowledgeAng, J. ; Tong, X.
19Aug-1996Using the carmen's framework to model and acquire knowledgeAng, James S. K. ; Tong, Xuejun
202010Using scheduled ordering to improve the performance of distribution supply chainsChen, L.G. ; Gavirneni, S.