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Tak Kee Hui
(not current staff)
Kee, H.T.
Hui, T.-K.
Hui, T.K.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12002A study in the seasonal variation of Japanese tourist arrivals in SingaporeHui, T.-K. ; Yuen, C.C. 
2May-2003A study on the mainland chinese tourist arrivals to SingaporeHui, Tak Kee ; Wan, David 
31998An econometric study on Japanese tourist arrivals in British Columbia and its implicationsHui, T.-K. ; Yuen, C.-C. 
41990Beta estimation for thinly traded shares: A bootstrap approachHui, T.-K. ; Kwan, K.-C. ; Lim, K.-L.
52005Consumers trust in online shopping: The case of SingaporeKee, H.T. ; Sun, M.K.
62005Day-of-the-week effects in US and Asia-Pacific stock markets during the Asian financial crisis: A non-parametric approachHui, T.-K. 
72006Factors affecting consumers' choice of a travel agency: The case of SingaporeHui, T.K. ; Wan, D. 
82003Factors affecting Singaporeans' acceptance of international postingsWan, D. ; Hui, T.K. ; Tiang, L.
91994International portfolio diversification: A factor analysis approachHui, T.-K. ; Kwan, E.K.
1021-Sep-2017Is price most important? Healthcare tourism in Southeast AsiaZeng-Xian Liang; Tak-Kee Hui ; Pei-Zhi Sea
111999Modeling the impact of sudden environmental changes on visitor arrival forecasts: The case of the gulf warChan, Y.-M. ; Hui, T.-K. ; Yuen, E. 
123-Nov-2021Moving for a Good Life: Tourism Mobility and Subjective Well-being of Chinese Retirement MigrantsZengxian Liang; Hui Luo; Tak-Kee Hui 
132005Portfolio diversification: A factor analysis approachHui, T.-K. 
142010Selection of stock markets: A factor analysis approachHui, T.K. ; Tsui, K.C.; Chua, D.
151998Study of trends in US visitor arrivals in Singapore: A nonparametric approachHui, T.-K. ; Yuen, E. 
162007Tourists' satisfaction, recommendation and revisiting SingaporeHui, T.K. ; Wan, D. ; Ho, A.
172013Travel satisfaction and revisit intention of chinese visitors: The case of singaporeGuntoro, B.; Hui, T.-K. 
182009Who are the online grocers?Hui, T.-K. ; Wan, D. 
192012Who are the wellness travelers?Hui, T.-K. ; Thomgma, W.; Chen, K.-Y.; Wang, H.-C.