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Wan Tai Wai,David
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Wan, D.
Wan Tai Wai, D.
Wan, T.W.D.


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1May-2003A study on the mainland chinese tourist arrivals to SingaporeHui, Tak Kee ; Wan, David 
22003An Exploratory Study on Interlocking Directorates in Listed Firms in SingaporeChin-Huat, O. ; Wan, D. ; Kee-Sing, O.
3Jul-1999An exploratory study on interlocking directorates in SingaporeOng, Chin Huat ; Ong, Kee Sing; Wan, David Tai Wai 
4May-2003Board structure, process and performance : evidence from public-listed companies in SingaporeWan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat 
52005Board structure, process and performance: Evidence from publiclisted companies in SingaporeWan, D. ; Ong, C.H.
6Jun-1999Compensation system in SingaporeWan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat 
72005Determinants of firm innovation in SingaporeWan, D. ; Ong, C.H. ; Lee, F.
8Apr-1999Directors' remuneration and profitability performance of listed companies in Singapore : a correlation and causality studyWan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat ; Pong, Pascal Alexandre Kwant Tung
9May-2003Effects of different stressors on job satisfaction and career commitment : the case of Singapore teachersWan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat ; Koh, Christopher Jude
102006Factors affecting consumers' choice of a travel agency: The case of SingaporeHui, T.K. ; Wan, D. 
112003Factors affecting indivual innovation: An examination within a Japanese subsidiary in SingaporeOng, C.-H. ; Wan, D. ; Chng, S.-H.
122003Factors affecting Singaporeans' acceptance of international postingsWan, D. ; Hui, T.K. ; Tiang, L.
13May-2000Firm innovation : is it affected by firm characteristics and does it affect firm performance?Wan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat ; Lee, Francis Weng Sun
142003HRM in Singapore: Change and continuityWan, D. 
152003Human resource strategy and firm performance in Pacific Rim countriesBae, J.; Chen, S.-J.; Wan, T.W.D. ; Lawler, J.J.; Walumbwa, F.O.
16Jun-2001Individual innovation : the study of a Japanese subsidiary in SingaporeOng, Chi Huat ; Chng, Seong Huat; Wan, David Tai Wai 
17May-2000Organisational strategy, strategic HRM and firm performance : a structural equation modelling (SEM) approachWan, David Tai Wai ; Ong, Chin Huat ; Kok, Victor Chau Fuat
182008Three conceptual models of board role performanceOng, C.H. ; Wan, D. 
19Jul-1999Top executive's attitude and preferences toward employee voice and participation in SingaporeWan, David Tai Wai ; Phee, Peck Shang
202007Tourists' satisfaction, recommendation and revisiting SingaporeHui, T.K. ; Wan, D. ; Ho, A.