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Soo Keng, James Ang
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11992A classification of advanced office systems to aid in their developmentAng, J. 
22002A multiple-case design methodology for studying MRP success and CSFsAng, J.S.K. ; Sum, C.-C. ; Yeo, L.-N.
3Mar-1996A study of the strategic planning practices in SingaporePavri, Francis ; Ang, James S. K. 
41995A study of the strategic planning practices in SingaporePavri, F. ; Ang, J. 
5Mar-1999An ace study of the determinants of IS planning and their interaction effectsKoh, Shirley ; Ang, James ; Teo, Thompson S. H. 
6Apr-2013An alternating direction method for solving convex nonlinear semidefinite programming problemsZhang, S.; Ang, J. ; Sun, J. 
71995An analysis of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) benefits using Alternating Conditional Expectation (ACE)Sum, C.-C. ; Yang, K.-K. ; Ang, J.S.K. ; Quek, S.-A. 
82001An examination of major IS planning problemsTeo, T.S.H. ; Ang, J.S.K. 
91996An office analysis methodology using Petri nets and playscriptsAng, J.S.K. ; Conrath, D.W.
10Jan-1998Building a data warehouse at the housing and development boardTeo, Thompson S. H. ; Ang, James S. K. 
112008Busy period for the first subsystem in a matched queueing networkCao, C. ; Ang, J.S.K. 
122005Cargo mix and shipment planning problem with uncertaintyCao, C. ; Ang, J.S.K. ; Ye, H. 
13Aug-1996Carmen : an approach to bridge the conceptual gap between knowledge modeling and system implementationAng, James S. K. ; Tong, Xuejun
141995Critical success factors in implementing MRP and government assistance: A Singapore contextAng, J.S.K. ; Sum, C.-C. ; Chung, W.-F.
15Mar-1998Critical success factors in the alignment of IS plans with business plansTeo, Thompson S H. ; Ang, James S K. 
161999Critical success factors in the alignment of IS plans with business plansTeo, T.S.H. ; Ang, J.S.K. 
171997CSFs and sources of assistance and expertise in strategic IS planning: A Singapore perspectiveAng, J. ; Teo, T.S.H.
18Jan-1998Data warehousing : lessons from the housing and development boardAng, James S. K. ; Teo, Thompson S. H. 
19Apr-1999Diffusing software-based technologies with a software factory approach for software developmentLim, Ngang Kwang; Ang, Soo Keng ; Pavri, Francis Neville 
201995Distributed environment: A conceptual framework using objectsAng, J.