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11996Urban imagery and the main street of the nation: The legibility of Orchard Road in the eyes of SingaporeansYeung, H.W.-C. ; Savage, V.R. 
21993Urban development and industrialisation in Singapore: An historical overview of problems and policy responsesYeoh, Saw Ai Brenda ; Savage, Victor R. 
31993Urban constraints, political imperatives: environmental 'design' in SingaporeSavage, V.R. ; Kong, L. 
42004Tropicality imagined and experiencedSavage, V.R. 
52009Tropical shifts? Note from the editorsSavage, V.R. ; Sidaway, J.D.
62014Transboundary environmental challenges: Interconnectivity between national responsibility, development processes and the regional commonsSavage, V. R. ; Lye I. L. H. ; Chou, L. M. ; Yu, L. E. ; Kua, H. W. 
72003Toponymics: a study of Singapore street namesSavage, Victor R. ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
8Mar-2011The SJTG vision and the tropical missionBunnell, T. ; Higgitt, D. ; Savage, V.R. ; Sidaway, J.D.
92004The Singapore River thematic zone: Sustainable tourism in an urban contextSavage, V.R. ; Huang, S. ; Chang, T.C. 
102008The Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography: 1953 onwardsSavage, V.R. ; Sidaway, J.D.
111986The Malay world in colonial fiction.Kong, L. ; Savage, V.R. 
12Dec-1994The Human Geography of Southeast Asia: An Analysis of Post-War DevelopmentsSavage, Victor R ; Kong, Lily ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
13Oct-2015Sustainability Matters: Environmental and Climate Changes in the Asia-PacificEditor, Lye, I. L. H. ; Editor, Savage, V. R. ; Editor, Kua, H. W. ; Editor, Chou, L. M. ; Editor, Tan, P.Y. 
142013Sustainability Matters: Asia's Green ChallengesEditor, Lye, I. L. H. ; Editor, Savage, V. R. ; Editor, Chou, L. M. ; Editor, Yu, L. E. ; Editor, Kua, H. W. 
152014Sustainability Matters: Asia's Energy Concerns, Green Policies and Environmental AdvocacyEditor, Lye, I. L. H. ; Editor, Savage, V. R. ; Editor, Chou, L. M. ; Editor, Yu, L. E. ; Editor, Kua, H. W. 
162013Singapore Street Names: A Study of ToponymicsSavage, Victor R ; Yeoh, Saw Ai Brenda 
172002Shades of green, fields of gold: Representations, discourse and the politics of golf in SingaporeNeo, H. ; Savage, V.R. 
18Aug-2011Problems of tertiary education and regional academic journals: A view from Southeast AsiaSavage, V.R. 
191-Dec-2021Physical activity, sedentary behaviour and smoking status among psychiatric patients in Singapore – a cross-sectional studySeet, V; Abdin, E; Asharani, PV ; Lee, YY; Roystonn, K ; Wang, P; Devi, F; Cetty, L; Teh, WL; Verma, S ; Mok, YM; Subramaniam, M 
202004On the waterfront: Globalization and urbanization in SingaporeChang, T.C. ; Huang, S. ; Savage, V.R.