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Chang, Tou Chuang
Chang, T.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Art and soul: Powerful and powerless art in SingaporeChang, T.C. 
217-May-2016Between Universal Spaces and Unique Places: Heritage At Universal Studios SingaporeT.C. Chang ; Pang Juvy
3Nov-2010Bungalows, mansions and shophouses: Encounters in architourismChang, T.C. 
42013Changing Landscapes of Singapore: Old Tensions, New DiscoveriesElaine Lynn-Ee Ho ; Chih Yuan Woon ; Kamalini Ramdas ; Hamzah Muzaini; Choon-Piew Pow ; Harvey Neo ; Shirlena Huang ; Noorashikin bte Abdul Rahman ; Junjia Ye; Karen P.Y. Lai ; T.C. Chang ; Harng Luh Sin ; Pui Leng Woo; Brendan Cheong; Andy Chong; Alvin Kok; Matthew Lam; Tu Guang Tan 
252001'Configuring new tourism space': Exploring Singapore's regional tourism foraysChang, T.C. 
261998Critical issues in a critical era: Tourism in Southeast AsiaTeo, P. ; Chang, T.C. 
271997From "Instant Asia" to "Multi-Faceted Jewel": urban imaging strategies and tourism development in SingaporeChang, T.C. 
282008Geographies of everywhere and nowhere: Place-(un)making in a world cityChang, T.C. ; Huang, S. 
292001Globalising Singapore: Debating transnational flows in the CityYeoh, B.S.A. ; Chang, T.C. 
301997Heritage as a tourism commodity: Traversing the tourist-local divideChang, T.C. 
312001Interconnected Worlds: Tourism in Southeast AsiaTeo, Cheok Chin Peggy ; Chang, Tou Chuang ; Ho, Kong Chong 
321999Local uniqueness in the global village: Heritage tourism in SingaporeChang, T.C. 
331999'New Asia - Singapore': communicating local cultures through global tourismChang, T.C. ; Yeoh, B.S.A. 
342004On the waterfront: Globalization and urbanization in SingaporeChang, T.C. ; Huang, S. ; Savage, V.R. 
352005Place, memory and identity: Imagining 'New Asia'Chang, T.C. 
36Aug-2011Reclaiming the city: Waterfront development in SingaporeChang, T.C. ; Huang, S. 
372005Recreating place, replacing memory: Creative destruction at the Singapore RiverChang, T.C. ; Huang, S. 
381998Regionalism and tourism: Exploring integral links in SingaporeChang, T.C. 
392003Renaissance City Singapore: A study of arts spacesChang, T.C. ; Lee, W.K.
402000Renaissance revisited: Singapore as a 'Global city for the arts'Chang, T.C.