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Pow Choon Piew
(not current staff)
Pow, C.P.
Pow, Choon-Piew
Pow, Choon Piew
Pow, C.-P.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Feb-2012Asian urbanisms and the privatization of citiesHogan, T.; Bunnell, T. ; Pow, C.-P. ; Permanasari, E.; Morshidi, S.
214-Nov-2017Building a Harmonious Society through Greening: Ecological Civilization and Aesthetic Governmentality in ChinaC. P. Pow 
32010Building Ecotopia: Critical Reflections on Eco-City Development in ChinaPow, Choon Piew ; Neo, Choon Tiong Harvey 
42013Changing Landscapes of Singapore: Old Tensions, New DiscoveriesElaine Lynn-Ee Ho ; Chih Yuan Woon ; Kamalini Ramdas ; Hamzah Muzaini; Choon-Piew Pow ; Harvey Neo ; Shirlena Huang ; Noorashikin bte Abdul Rahman ; Junjia Ye; Karen P.Y. Lai ; T.C. Chang ; Harng Luh Sin ; Pui Leng Woo; Brendan Cheong; Andy Chong; Alvin Kok; Matthew Lam; Tu Guang Tan 
52014City & Neighbourhood Report : Kunming, ChinaNeo, Harvey ; Pow, Choon Piew ; Skelton, Tracey 
62007Constructing a new private order: Gated communities and the privatization of urban life in post-reform ShanghaiPow, C.-P. 
72009Constructing the Eco-CityPow, Choon Piew ; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
8May-2013Consuming private security: Consumer citizenship and defensive urbanism in SingaporePow, C.-P. 
919-Sep-2016Courting the ‘rich and restless’: globalisation of real estate and the new spatial fixities of the super-rich in SingaporeChoon Piew Pow 
102009'Good' and 'real' places: A geographical-moral critique of territorial place-makingPow, C.-P. 
11Jun-2011Living it up: Super-rich enclave and transnational elite urbanism in SingaporePow, C.-P. 
122007Marketing the Chinese dream home: Gated communities and representations of the good life in (post-)socialist ShanghaiPow, C.-P. ; Kong, L. 
132009Neoliberalism and the aestheticization of new middle-class landscapesPow, C.-P. 
142009Public intervention, private aspiration: Gated communities and the condominisation of housing landscapes in SingaporePow, C.-P. 
152008Seeing Red over Green: A Critique on Eco-City Planning Discourses and Practices in ChinaPow, Choon-Piew ; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
16Aug-2013Seeing Red Over Green: Contesting Urban Sustainabilities in ChinaPow, Choon Piew ; Neo, Choong Tiong Harvey 
172000'Sense and sensibility': Social-spatial experiences of the visually-impaired in SingaporePow, C.P. 
182013'The world needs a second Switzerland': Onshoring Singapore as the liveable city for the super-richPow, C.P. 
192005Whither development? Questioning post-crisis Southeast AsiaNeo, Choong Tiong Harvey ; Pow, Choon Piew