Full Name
Wai Chung, Henry Yeung
Yeung, H.
Wai-Chung Yeung, H.
Yeung, H.W.
Yeung, Wai Chung Henry
Yeung, H.W.-C.
Yeung, H.W.-c.
Yeung, H.W.C.
Main Affiliation

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12003A place for R & D? The Singapore science parkPhillips, S.-A.M.; Yeung, H.W.-C. 
21996Attracting foreign investment? the role of investment incentives in the ASEAN operations of transnational corporationsYeung, H.W.-C. 
31997Business networks and transnational corporations: A study of Hong Kong firms in the ASEAN regionYeung, H.W.-C. 
41998Capital, state and space: Contesting the borderless worldYeung, H.W.-C. 
52006Change and continuity in southeast Asian ethnic Chinese businessYeung, H.W.C. 
62008China's dynamic industrial sector: The automobile industryLiu, W.; Yeung, H.W.-C. 
723-Oct-2018Commentary on Area Development and Policy Annual Lecture by Eric Sheppard, 'Globalizing capitalism's raggedy edges: thinking through Jakarta'Henry Yeung 
829-Mar-2017Commentary on Area Development and Policy Annual Lecture by Justin Yifu LIN: 'The rise of China and its implication for economics and other developing countries'Henry Yeung 
92003Contesting the state: Discourses of the Asian economic crisis and mediating strategies of electronics firms in SingaporeLai, K.P.Y.; Yeung, H.W.-C. 
101997Critical realism and realist research in human geography: A method or a philosophy in search of a method?Yeung, H.W.-C. 
112001Does economics matter for/in economic geography?Yeung, H.W.-C. 
1220-Jul-2012East Asian Capitalisms and Economic GeographiesYeung, H.W.-C. 
132000Economic globalization, crisis and the emergence of Chinese business communities in Southeast AsiaYeung, H.W.-C. 
142000Embedding foreign affiliates in transnational business networks: The case of Hong Kong firms in Southeast AsiaYeung, H.W.-C. 
152002Entrepreneurship in international business: An institutional perspectiveYeung, H.W.-C. 
162007Ethnic entrepreneurship and the internationalization of Chinese capitalism in AsiaYeung, H.W.C. 
1718-Mar-2022Explaining Geographic Shifts of Chip Making Toward East Asia and Market Dynamics in Semiconductor Global Production NetworksHenry Yeung 
182008External leveraging and technological upgrading among East Asian firms in the USHsu, J.-Y.; Poon, J.P.; Yeung, H.W.-C. 
192007From followers to market leaders: Asian electronics firms in the global economyYeung, H.W.-C. 
20Dec-2011From national development to economic diplomacy? Governing Singapore's sovereign wealth fundsYeung, H.W.