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Title: Gigahertz Integrated Circuits Based on Complementary Black Phosphorus Transistors
Authors: Chen, Li
Li, Si
Feng, Xuewei 
Wang, Lin 
Huang, Xin 
Tee, Benjamin C. -K. 
Ang, Kah-Wee 
Keywords: aluminum (Al) doping
black phosphorus (BP)
complementary circuits
Issue Date: 28-Jun-2018
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Citation: Chen, Li, Li, Si, Feng, Xuewei, Wang, Lin, Huang, Xin, Tee, Benjamin C. -K., Ang, Kah-Wee (2018-06-28). Gigahertz Integrated Circuits Based on Complementary Black Phosphorus Transistors. ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MATERIALS 4 (9). ScholarBank@NUS Repository.
Abstract: Black phosphorus (BP) has attracted enormous interest for logic applications due to its unique electronic properties. However, pristine BP exhibits predominant p-type channel conductance, which limits the realization of complementary circuits unless an effective n-type doping is found. Here, a practical approach to transform the conductivity of BP from p-type to n-type via a spatially controlled aluminum (Al) doping is proposed. Symmetrical threshold voltage for the pair of p-type and n-type BP field-effect transistors can be achieved by tuning the Al doping concentration. The complementary inverter circuit shows a clear logic inversion with a high voltage gain of up to ?11 at a supply voltage (VDD) of 1.5 V. Simultaneously, a high noise margin of 0.27 × VDD is achieved for both low (NML) and high (NMH) input voltages, indicating excellent noise immunity. Moreover, a three-stage ring oscillator with a theoretical frequency above 1.8 GHz and microwatt level power dissipation is modeled, which shows a low propagation delay per stage. This study demonstrates a practical approach to fabricate high performance complementary integrated circuits on a homogenous BP channel material, paving the way toward complex cascaded circuits and sensor interface applications. © 2018 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
ISSN: 2199160X
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