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Edward George Robins


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119-Mar-2021An improved synthesis of n-(4-[18 f]fluorobenzoyl)-interleukin-2 for the preclinical pet imaging of tumour-infiltrating t-cells in ct26 and mc38 colon cancer modelsKhanapur, Shivashankar; Yong, Fui Fong; Hartimath, Siddesh, V; Jiang, Lingfan; Ramasamy, Boominathan; Cheng, Peter; Narayanaswamy, Pradeep; Goggi, Julian L.; Robins, Edward George 
28-Aug-2020Dopamine transporter neuroimaging accurately assesses the maturation of dopamine neurons in a preclinical model of Parkinson's diseaseGoggi, J.L.; Qiu, L.; Liao, M.C.; Khanapur, S.; Jiang, L.; Boominathan, R.; Hartimath, S.V.; Cheng, P.; Yong, F.F.; Soh, V.; Deng, X.; Lin, Y.M.; Haslop, A.; Tan, P.W.; Zeng, X.; Lee, J.W.L.; Zhang, Z.; Sadasivam, P.; Tan, E.K.; Luthra, S.K.; Shingleton, W.D.; Oh, S.K.W.; Zeng, L.; Robins, E.G. 
312-Mar-2021Granzyme B PET Imaging of Combined Chemotherapy and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy in Colon CancerGoggi, Julian L.; Hartimath, Siddesh, V; Xuan, Tan Yun; Khanapur, Shivashankar; Jieu, Beverly; Chin, Hui Xian; Ramasamy, Boominathan; Cheng, Peter; Rong, Tang Jun; Fong, Yong Fui; Yuen, Tsz Ying; Msallam, Rasha ; Chacko, Ann-Marie ; Renia, Laurent; Johannes, Charles; Hwang, You Yi; Robins, Edward G. 
49-Dec-2021Granzyme B PET Imaging Stratifies Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Response in Hepatocellular CarcinomaGoggi, Julian L.; Ramasamy, Boominathan; Tan, Yun Xuan; Hartimath, Siddesh V.; Tang, Jun Rong; Cheng, Peter; Msallam, Rasha ; Chacko, Ann-Marie ; Hwang, You Yi; Robins, Edward G. 
52019Imaging adipose tissue browning using the TSPO-18kDa tracer [18F]FEPPAHartimath, S.V.; Khanapur, S.; Boominathan, R.; Jiang, L.; Cheng, P.; Yong, F.F.; Tan, P.W.; Robins, E.G. ; Goggi, J.L.
62019Imaging fibrogenesis in a diet-induced model of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)Hartimath, S.V.; Boominathan, R.; Soh, V.; Cheng, P.; Deng, X.; Chong, Y.C.; Yong, F.F.; Tan, P.W.; Han, W.; Robins, E.G. ; Goggi, J.L.
72019Imaging the proangiogenic effects of cardiovascular drugs in a diabetic model of limb ischemiaGoggi, J.L. ; Haslop, A.; Boominathan, R.; Chan, K.; Soh, V.; Cheng, P.; Robins, E.G. ; Bhakoo, K.K.
87-Jan-2021Improved amyloid burden quantification with nonspecific estimates using deep learningLiu, Haohui ; Nai, Ying-Hwey ; Saridin, Francis ; Tanaka, Tomotaka ; O' Doherty, Jim; Hilal, Saima ; Gyanwali, Bibek ; Chen, Christopher P ; Robins, Edward G ; Reilhac, Anthonin 
92020Longitudinal [18F]FB-IL-2 PET Imaging to Assess the Immunopathogenicity of O'nyong-nyong Virus InfectionChan, Y.-H.; Teo, T.-H.; Torres-Ruesta, A; Hartimath, S.V.; Chee, R.S.-L.; Khanapur, S.; Yong, F.F.; Ramasamy, B.; Cheng, P.; Rajarethinam, R.; Robins, E.G. ; Goggi, J.L.; Lum, F.-M.; Carissimo, G.; Rénia, L. ; Ng, L.F.P. 
1018-Feb-2021Plasma P‐tau181 to Aβ42 ratio is associated with brain amyloid burden and hippocampal atrophy in an Asian cohort of Alzheimer's disease patients with concomitant cerebrovascular diseaseChong, Joyce R ; Ashton, Nicholas J; Karikari, Thomas K; Tanaka, Tomotaka ; Saridin, Francis N ; Reilhac, Anthonin ; Robins, Edward G ; Nai, Ying-Hwey ; Vrooman, Henri; Hilal, Saima ; Zetterberg, Henrik; Blennow, Kaj; Lai, Mitchell KP ; Chen, Christopher P