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Yao Kai
Yao, K


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
112-Jan-2019Characterisation of Nano Magnesia-Cement-Reinforced Seashore Soft Soil by Direct-Shear TestWei Wang; Chen Zhang; Na Li; Feifei Tao; Kai Yao 
22018Displacement and Stress Analysis of Thin Plate for Cement Concrete PavementJia, L; Zhang, L; Guo, J; Yao, K ; He, S
32019Evaluation on strength properties of lime-slag stabilized loess as pavement base materialJia, L.; Zhang, L.; Guo, J.; Yao, K. ; Lim, S.M. ; Li, B.; Xu, H.
42019Experimental investigation on strength development of lime stabilized loessJia, L.; Guo, J.; Zhou, Z.; Fu, Y. ; Yao, K. 
52018In Situ Monitoring of the Long-Term Settlement of High-Fill SubgradeJia, L.; Guo, J.; Yao, K. 
62018Mechanical performance of methane hydrate-coal mixtureGao X.; Yang T.; Yao K. ; Zhang B.; Wu Q.; Liu C.
726-Apr-2018Miniature LVDT setup for local strain measurement on cement-treated clay specimensHuawen Xiao ; Jiahui Ho ; Kai Yao ; Fook Hou Lee ; Yong Liu 
82019Properties and reaction mechanisms of magnesium phosphate cement mixed with ferroaluminate cementJia, L.; Zhao, F.; Guo, J.; Yao, K. 
92018Rock-soil slope stability analysis by two-phase random media and finite elementsLiu, Y.; Xiao, H. ; Yao, K. ; Hu, J.; Wei, H.
102018Slip line theory based stability analysis on the influence of deep excavation on adjacent slopeZhou A.; Li C.; Jiang P.; Yao K. ; Li N.; Wang W.
112019Stability of reinforced retainingwall under seismic loadsJia, L.; He, S.; Li, N.; Wang, W.; Yao, K. 
129-Jun-2020Subgrade fill strength and bearing characteristics of weathered phyllite blended with red clayXiushao Zhao; Zhitao Fu; Qijing Yang; Kai Yao ; Daxin Geng; Kai Li