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Fook Hou Lee
Lee, F.-H.
Lee, Fook-Hou
Lee, Fook Hou
Lee, F.H.
Lee, Fouk hou


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-2003A comparative study of suction-induced seepage consolidation versus centrifuge consolidationRobinson, R.G. ; Tan, T.S. ; Lee, F.H. 
2Aug-2001A constitutive model for anisotropic and small strain conditionsShi, J.Y.; Lee, F.H. ; Chong, P.T. 
32013A Discussion on Yield Surface of Spudcan with Lattice in ClayYang, Yu; Yi, Jiangtao ; Lee, Fook Hou ; Zhang, Xi Ying; Goh, Siang Huat 
42010A method to solve Biot's u-U formulation for soil dynamics applications using the ABAQUS/explicit platformYe, F.J.; Goh, S.H. ; Lee, F.H. 
525-Aug-2001A modified Jacobi preconditioner for solving ill-conditioned biot's consolidation equations using symmetric quasi-minimal residual methodChan, S.H.; Phoon, K.K. ; Lee, F.H. 
62004A new finite element model for pile-soil interactionLiu, K.X.; Lee, F.H. ; Yong, K.Y. 
7Aug-2012A numerical study of cone penetration in fine-grained soils allowing for consolidation effectsYi, J.T. ; Goh, S.H. ; Lee, F.H. ; Randolph, M.F.
82013A two-phase coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian FEM for offshore spudcan analysisYi, J.T. ; Lee, F.H. ; Li, Y.P.; Zhang, X.Y.; Goh, S.H. 
98-Sep-2021An approach for modelling spatial variability in permeability of cement-admixed soilKek, Hardy Yide ; Pan, Yutao; Ng, Yannick Choy Hing ; Lee, Fook Hou 
1010-Oct-2002An efficient diagonal preconditioner for finite element solution of Biot's consolidation equationsPhoon, K.K. ; Toh, K.C. ; Chan, S.H.; Lee, F.H. 
112008Application of large three-dimensional finite element analyses to practical problemsLee, F.H. 
1213-Jan-2012Application of large three-dimensional finite-element analyses to practical problemsLee, F.-H. ; Hong, S.-H.; Gu, Q.; Zhao, P.
131-Mar-1997Behavior of gravity caisson on sandLeung, CF ; Lee, FH ; Khoo, E
142001Behavior of soft singapore marine clay treated with cementKamruzzaman, A.H.M.; Chew, S.H. ; Lee, F.H. 
152018Causes of post-installation penetration of jack-up spudcan foundations in claysLi Y.P.; Yang Y. ; Yi J.T.; Ho J.H.; Shi J.Y.; Goh S.H. ; Lee F.H. 
162014Centrifuge model study of the response of spudcan with lattice leg to rockingYang, Y.; Lee, F.H. ; Goh, S.H. ; Zhang, X.Y.; Wu, J.F.
172010Centrifuge modelling of a steel pipe umbrella arch for tunnelling in clayYeo, C.H. ; Lee, F.H. ; Hegde, A.; Juneja, A.
181-Sep-2009Centrifuge modelling of caisson breakwater subject to wave-breaking impactsZhang, XY ; Leung, CF ; Lee, FH 
19Jul-2010Centrifuge modelling of tunnel face reinforcement using forepolingJuneja, A.; Hegde, A.; Lee, F.H. ; Yeo, C.H. 
20Dec-2006Centrifuge modelling of wet deep mixing processes in soft claysLee, F.H. ; Lee, C.H.; Dasari, G.R.