Full Name
Kwet Yew Yong
Kwet-Yew Yong
Yong, K.Y.
Yong, K.-Y.
Yong, Kwet-Yew


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Mar-1999A method for the analysis of large vertically loaded pile groupsHong, D.C.; Chow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. 
22004A new finite element model for pile-soil interactionLiu, K.X.; Lee, F.H. ; Yong, K.Y. 
3Aug-2000A variational approach for the analysis of pile group-pile cap interactionShen, W.Y.; Chow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. 
41999A variational approach for the analysis of rectangular rafts on an elastic half-spaceShen, W.Y.; Chow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. 
51997A variational approach for vertical deformation analysis of pile groupShen, W.Y.; Chow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. 
6Jan-1998An experimental study on bleeding and channelling of cement paste and mortarLoh, C.-K.; Tan, T.-S. ; Yong, K.-Y. ; Wee, T.-H. 
72001Analysis of piled raft foundations using a variational approachChow, Y.K. ; Yong, K.Y. ; Shen, W.Y.
8Jun-1988CONSOLIDATION OF DREDGED CLAY IN RECLAMATIONS.Lee, S.L ; Karunaratne, G.P. ; Yong, K.Y. ; Chow, Y.K. ; Chew, S.H. 
9Dec-1988Determination of consolidation properties for very soft clayTan, Siew-Ann ; Tan, Thiam-Soon ; Ting, Lai Choon ; Yong, Kwet-Yew ; Karunaratne, G.-P. ; Lee, Seng-Lip 
101992Drainage efficiency of sand layer in layered clay-sand reclamationSiew-Ann Tan ; Kee-Ming Liang; Kwet-Yew Yong ; Seng-Lip Lee 
11Dec-1992Dynamic compaction of loose sand depositsChow, Y.K. ; Yong, D.M. ; Yong, K.Y. ; Lee, S.L. 
12Apr-1998Effect of corners in strutted excavations: Field monitoring and case historiesLee, F.-H. ; Yong, K.-Y. ; Quan, K.C.N.; Chee, K.-T.
13Apr-2005Effects of construction of underground mass rapid transit on nearby piled-structuresYong, K.Y. ; Pang, C.H.
14Sep-2001Effects of Installation Method on Sand Compaction Piles in Clay in the CentrifugeLee, F.-H. ; Ng, Y.-W.; Yong, K.-Y. 
151989Elasto-plastic consolidation analysis for strutted excavation in clayYong, K.Y. ; Lee, F.H. ; Parnploy, U.; Lee, S.L. 
16Oct-2002Elastoplastic analysis of pull-out resistance of soil nails in dilatant soilsLuo, S.Q.; Tan, S.A. ; Cheang, W.; Yong, K.Y. 
171989Finite element modelling of a strutted excavationLee, F.H. ; Yong, K.Y. ; Lee, S.L. ; Toh, C.T.
181985Ground improvement works in South-East Asia.Lee, S.L. ; Ramaswamy, S.D. ; Karunaratne, G.P. ; Lo, K.W. ; Yong, K.Y. ; Moh, Z.-C.
192000Improvement of granular soils by high-energy impactChow, Y.K. ; Yong, D.M. ; Yong, K.Y. ; Lee, S.L. 
202010Innovative finite element model for analysis of soil reinforcementsLiu, K.X.; Lee, F.H. ; Yong, K.Y.