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Dan Li


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17-Dec-2021Differential Survivability of Two Genetically Similar Salmonella Thompson Strains on Pre-harvest Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum) LeavesZwe, Ye Htut ; Ten, Michelle Mei Zhen ; Pang, Xinyi; Wong, Chun Hong; Li, Dan 
2Jun-2022Enumeration, Antimicrobial Resistance, and Virulence Genes Screening of <i>Enterococcus</i> spp. Isolated from Retail Chicken Carcasses in the United Arab EmiratesHabib, Ihab; Lakshmi, Glindya Bhagya; Mohamed, Mohamed-Yousif Ibrahim; Ghazawi, Akela; Khan, Mushtaq; Li, Dan 
311-Mar-2021Fucoidan but not 2′-fucosyllactose inhibits human norovirus replication in zebrafish larvaeTan, Malcolm Turk Hsern; Li, Yan ; Eshaghi Gorji, M.; Gong, Zhiyuan ; Li, Dan 
4Aug-2022Fucoidan from Fucus versiculosus can inhibit human norovirus replication by enhancing the host innate immune responseTan, Malcolm Turk Hsern; Eshaghi Gorji, Mohamad; Toh, Jillinda Yi Ling; Park, Ah Young; Li, Yan ; Gong, Zhiyuan ; Li, Dan 
52019Isolation, Characterization, and Inactivation of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia From Leafy Green Vegetables and Urban Agriculture SystemsLi, D. ; Wong, C.H.; Seet, M.F.; Kuan, N.
611-Mar-2022Photoinactivation of bacteriophage MS2, Tulane virus and <i>Vibrio parahaemolyticus</i> in oysters by microencapsulated rose bengalEshaghi Gorji, Mohamad; Li, Dan 
7Dec-2022Postbiotics enhance the functionality of a probiotic edible coating for salmon fillets and the probiotic stability during simulated digestionHua, Qian; Wong, Chun Hong; Li, Dan