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Lim Poon Nian
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018A Comparative Study on the In-vitro Antibacterial Behaviour of Chemically-Modified Calcium Phosphate CoatingsXihe Qiu; Poon Nian Lim ; Eng San Thian 
22019A functional apatite with antibacterial efficacy for bone tissue infectionsLim, P.N. ; Tong, S.Y. ; Ho, B. ; Wang, W. ; Thian, E.S. 
32018Anisotropic coating of a-plane oriented hydroxyapatite via a drop-on-demand micro-dispensing techniqueToshiisa Konishi; Yun Min Lye; Xihe Qiu; Poon Nian Lim ; Eng San Thian 
427-Mar-2018Deposition of Substituted Apatite Coatings at Different Coating Patterns via Drop-on-Demand Micro-Dispensing TechniqueXihe Qiu; Poon Nian Lim ; Shi Yun Tong ; Eng San Thian 
51-Aug-2018Development of a Functional Biodegradable Composite with Antibacterial PropertiesShi Yun Tong ; Poon Nian Lim ; Kaiying Wang; Eng San Thian 
62018Development of Combined Medium for In-Vitro Co-Culture of Mesenchymal Stem Cell and Pseudomonas AeruginosaPoon Nian Lim ; Shi Yun Tong ; Zixuan Zhao; Bow Ho ; Wilson Wang ; Jing Han ; Eng San Thian 
72015Effect of surface silver ions towards inhibiting bacterial growth on apatiteThian E.S ; LIM POON NIAN ; Ho B ; Tay B.Y; Wang W 
82018Effects of Sintering Temperature, Powder Loading and Ionic Substitution on the Dissolution Property of Apatite MicrospheresPoon Nian Lim ; Shi Yun Tong ; Jason Feng 
92018Functional regeneration of tendons using scaffolds with physical anisotropy engineered via microarchitectural manipulationWang, Z. ; Lee, W.J.; Koh, B.T.H.; Hong, M. ; Wang, W.; Lim, P.N. ; Feng, J.; Park, L.S.; Kim, M.; Thian, E.S.