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1Oct-2011Analysis of nucleic acid chaperoning by the prion protein and its inhibition by oligonucleotidesGuichard, Cecile; Ivanyi-Nagy, Roland; Sharma, Kamal Kant ; Gabus, Caroline; Marc, Daniel; Mely, Yves; Darlix, Jean-Luc
2Mar-2012Analysis of the RNA chaperoning activity of the hepatitis C virus core protein on the conserved 3'X region of the viral genomeSharma, Kamal Kant ; de Rocquigny, Hugues; Darlix, Jean Luc; Lavergne, Jean-Pierre; Penin, Francois; Lessinger, Jean-Marc; Mely, Yves
32011Biophysical Approaches Determining Ligand Binding to Biomolecular TargetsKamal Kant Sharma 
42016Characterization of the interaction between the HIV-1 Gag structural polyprotein and the cellular ribosomal protein L7 and its implication in viral nucleic acid remodelingEl Mekdad, H; Boutant, E; Karnib, H; Biedma, M.E; Sharma, K.K ; Malytska, I; Laumond, G; Roy, M; Réal, E; Paillart, J.-C; Moog, C; Darlix, J.L; Mély, Y; de Rocquigny, H
52017Conformational changes in intact dengue virus reveal serotype-specific expansionLim, X.-X ; Chandramohan, A ; Lim, X.Y.E; Bag, N ; Sharma, K.K ; Wirawan, M; Wohland, T ; Lok, S.-M ; Anand, G.S 
625-May-2021Dengue virus 2 capsid protein chaperones the strand displacement of 5 '-3 ' cyclization sequencesYong, Xin Ee ; Palur, V Raghuvamsi; Anand, Ganesh S ; Wohland, Thorsten ; Sharma, Kamal K 
77-Jan-2021Dengue virus strain 2 capsid protein switches the annealing pathway and reduces intrinsic dynamics of the conserved 5' untranslated regionXin Ee Yong; Palur Venkata Raghuvamsi; Ganesh Anand ; Thorsten Wohland ; Kamal K. Sharma 
811-Aug-2016Discovery and Structure-Based Optimization of 2-Ureidothiophene-3-carboxylic Acids as Dual Bacterial RNA Polymerase and Viral Reverse Transcriptase InhibitorsElgaher, Walid AM; Sharma, Kamal K ; Haupenthal, Joerg; Saladini, Francesco; Pires, Manuel; Real, Eleonore; Mely, Yves; Hartmann, Rolf W
9Dec-2013Dissecting the oligonucleotide binding properties of a disordered chaperone protein using surface plasmon resonanceBaltzinger, Mireille; Sharma, Kamal Kant ; Mely, Yves; Altschuh, Daniele
105-May-2016FRET-based assay to screen inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and nucleocapsid proteinSharma, Kamal K ; Przybilla, Frederic; Restle, Tobias; Godet, Julien; Mely, Yves
112-Apr-2019Infectivity of Dengue Virus Serotypes 1 and 2 Is Correlated with E-Protein Intrinsic Dynamics but Not to Envelope ConformationsSharma, Kamal Kant ; Lim, Xin-Xiang ; Tantirimudalige, Sarala Neomi ; Gupta, Anjali ; Marzinek, Jan K ; Holdbrook, Daniel; Lim, Xin Ying Elisa ; Bond, Peter J ; Anand, Ganesh S ; Wohland, Thorsten 
12Jun-2010Kinetic analysis of the nucleic acid chaperone activity of the Hepatitis C virus core proteinSharma, Kamal Kant ; Didier, Pascal; Darlix, Jean Luc; de Rocquigny, Hugues; Bensikaddour, Hayet; Lavergne, Jean-Pierre; Penin, Francois; Lessinger, Jean-Marc; Mely, Yves
134-Aug-2015Reverse Transcriptase in Action: FRET-Based Assay for Monitoring Flipping and Polymerase Activity in Real TimeSharma, KK ; Przybilla, F; Restle, T; Boudier, C; Godet, J; Mely, Y
14Aug-2008Room-temperature H2S gas sensing at ppb level by single crystal In2O3 whiskersKaur, Manmeet; Jain, Namrata; Sharma, Kamalkant ; Bhattacharya, Shovit; Roy, Mainak; Tyagi, AK; Gupta, SK; Yakhmi, JV
151-May-2019Single-molecule studies of flavivirus envelope dynamics: Experiment and computationSharma, Kamal Kant ; Marzinek, Jan K ; Tantirimudalige, Sarala Neomi ; Bond, Peter J ; Wohland, Thorsten 
16Aug-2011Specific implications of the HIV-1 nucleocapsid zinc fingers in the annealing of the primer binding site complementary sequences during the obligatory plus strand transferGodet, Julien; Ramalanjaona, Nick; Sharma, Kamal K ; Richert, Ludovic; de Rocquigny, Hugues; Darlix, Jean-Luc; Duportail, Guy; Mely, Yves
17Nov-2022The ganglioside GM1a functions as a coreceptor/attachment factor for dengue virus during infectionTantirimudalige, Sarala Neomi ; Raghuvamsi, Palur Venkata; Sharma, Kamal Kant ; Bao, Jonathan Chua Wei ; Anand, Ganesh S ; Wohland, Thorsten 
1816-Jul-2010The Mechanism of HIV-1 Tat-Directed Nucleic Acid Annealing Supports its Role in Reverse TranscriptionBoudier, C; Storchak, R; Sharma, KK ; Didier, P; Follenius-Wund, A; Muller, S; Darlix, J-L; Mely, Y
19Jul-2020The nucleic acid chaperone activity of the HIV-1 Gag polyprotein is boosted by its cellular partner RPL7: a kinetic studyKarnib, Hassan; Nadeem, Muhammad F; Humbert, Nicolas; Sharma, Kamal K ; Grytsyk, Natalia; Tisné, Carine; Boutant, Emmanuel; Lequeu, Thiebault; Réal, Eleonore; Boudier, Christian; de Rocquigny, Hugues; Mély, Yves
2010-Apr-2020(Thia)calixarenephosphonic Acids as Potent Inhibitors of the Nucleic Acid Chaperone Activity of the HIV-1 Nucleocapsid Protein with a New Binding Mode and Multitarget Antiviral ActivityHumbert, Nicolas; Kovalenko, Lesia; Saladini, Francesco; Giannini, Alessia; Pires, Manuel; Botzanowski, Thomas; Cherenok, Sergiy; Boudier, Christian; Sharma, Kamal K ; Real, Eleonore; Zaporozhets, Olga A; Cianferani, Sarah; Seguin-Devaux, Carole; Poggialini, Federica; Botta, Maurizio; Zazzi, Maurizio; Kalchenko, Vitaly; Mori, Mattia; Mely, Yves