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111-Jan-20223D-printed functionally-graded lattice structure with tunable removal characteristics for precision polishingZhang, J ; Hong, R ; Wang, H 
21-Oct-2018A novel magnetically driven polishing technique for internal surface finishingZhang, Jiong; Hu, Julian; WANG HAO ; SENTHIL KUMAR,A ; AKSHAY CHAUDHARI 
315-Feb-2021A novel method to improve the removability of cone support structures in selective laser melting of 316L stainless steelCao, Qiqiang; Shi, Zhuoqi; Bai, Yuchao ; Zhang, Jiong ; Zhao, Cuiling ; Fuh, Jerry Ying Hsi ; Wang, Hao 
418-Apr-2021A Review of Post-Processing Technologies in Additive ManufacturingPeng, Xing; Kong, Lingbao; Fuh, Jerry Ying Hsi ; Wang, Hao 
52018A review on ductile mode cutting of brittle materialsAntwi, E.K; Liu, K ; Wang, H 
61-Aug-2020A review on processing polycrystalline magnesium aluminate spinel (MgAl<inf>2</inf>O<inf>4</inf>): Sintering techniques, material properties and machinabilityShi, Z; Zhao, Q; Guo, B; Ji, T; Wang, H 
71-May-2022Abnormal thermal expansion behaviour and phase transition of laser powder bed fusion maraging steel with different thermal histories during continuous heatingBai, Yuchao ; Zhao, Cuiling ; Zhang, Jiayi ; Wang, Hao 
81-Jul-2020Current understanding of surface effects in microcuttingLee, YJ; Wang, H 
915-Apr-2020Damage mechanisms of polycrystalline aluminate magnesium spinel (PAMS) under different loading conditions of indentation and micro-cutting testsShi, Z; WANG HAO ; Zhao, Q; Ji, T; Wang, Y; Pan, Y; Guo, B
105-Sep-2020Densification Behavior and Influence of Building Direction on High Anisotropy in Selective Laser Melting of High-Strength 18Ni-Co-Mo-Ti Maraging SteelBai, Yuchao ; Lee, Yan Jin; Li, Chaojiang; Wang, Hao 
111-Nov-2020Design of FG/CS-LPP and material removal uniformity experiment on ZrO2 ceramicDong, X; Lu, C; Jin, M; Zhu, D; Wang, L; Wang, H 
121-Aug-2020Dry mechanical-electrochemical polishing of selective laser melted 316L stainless steelBai, Y ; Zhao, C ; Yang, J ; Fuh, JYH ; Lu, WF ; Weng, C; Wang, H 
131-Sep-2020Dual interfacial characterization and property in multi-material selective laser melting of 316L stainless steel and C52400 copper alloyBai, Y ; Zhang, J ; Zhao, C ; Li, C; Wang, H 
1410-Jun-2022Effect of a weak magnetic field on ductile–brittle transition in micro-cutting of single-crystal calcium fluorideGuo, Y; Lee, YJ ; Zhang, Y ; Sorkin, A ; Manzhos, S ; Wang, H 
158-Jul-2019Effect of heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of maraging steel by selective laser meltingBAI YUCHAO ; Wang, Di; Yang, Yongqiang; WANG HAO 
1625-Dec-2020Effect of material anisotropy on ultra-precision machining of Ti-6Al-4V alloy fabricated by selective laser meltingNi, Chenbing; Zhu, Lida; Zheng, Zhongpeng; Zhang, Jiayi ; Yang, Yun ; Yang, Jin; Bai, Yuchao ; Weng, Can; Lu, Wen Feng ; Wang, Hao 
171-Sep-2019Effect of surface-active media on chip formation in micromachiningAKSHAY CHAUDHARI ; WANG HAO 
181-Jul-2020Effect of ultrasonic elliptical vibration assistance on the surface layer defect of M-plane sapphire in microcuttingWang, Y; Liang, Z; Zhao, W; Wang, X; Wang, H 
191-Sep-2020Effects of machining surface and laser beam scanning strategy on machinability of selective laser melted Ti6Al4V alloy in millingNi, C; Zhu, L; Zheng, Z; Zhang, J ; Yang, Y ; Hong, R ; Bai, Y ; Lu, WF ; Wang, H 
201-Jan-2019Enhancing Ductile-mode Cutting of Calcium Fluoride Single Crystals with Solidified CoatingLee, YJ; Chong, JY; Chaudhari, A ; Wang, H