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11-Oct-2018A novel magnetically driven polishing technique for internal surface finishingZhang, Jiong; Hu, Julian; WANG HAO ; SENTHIL KUMAR,A ; AKSHAY CHAUDHARI 
21-Jan-2016Deep hole drilling methodology for high yield strength Inconel 718 >1000 MPaWoon, KS ; Chaudhari, A ; Rahman, M ; Kumar, AS 
31-Sep-2019Effect of surface-active media on chip formation in micromachiningAKSHAY CHAUDHARI ; WANG HAO 
41-Jan-2019Enhancing Ductile-mode Cutting of Calcium Fluoride Single Crystals with Solidified CoatingLee, YJ; Chong, JY; Chaudhari, A ; Wang, H 
51-Aug-2019High-temperature nanoindentation size effect in fluorite materialChua, Janel; Zhang, Ruopeng; AKSHAY CHAUDHARI ; Vachhani, Shraddha J; SENTHIL KUMAR,A ; Tu, Qingsong; WANG HAO 
61-Feb-2020Investigation on the microstructure and machinability of ASTM A131 steel manufactured by directed energy depositionBai, Yuchao ; Chaudhari, Akshay ; Wang, Hao 
71-Nov-2019Micromachining of ferrous metal with an ion implanted diamond cutting toolLee, Yan Jin; Hao, Li ; Luder, Johann; Chaudhari, Akshay ; Wang, Shuangyin; Manzhos, Sergei; Wang, Hao 
81-Oct-2018Rehbinder effect in ultraprecision machining of ductile materialsAKSHAY CHAUDHARI ; Soh, Zhi Yuan; WANG HAO ; SENTHIL KUMAR,A 
91-Sep-2019Surface quality and material removal in magnetic abrasive finishing of selective laser melted 316L stainless steelZhang, J.; AKSHAY CHAUDHARI ; WANG HAO 
101-Jan-2014The Effects of Tool Degradation on Hole Straightness in Deep Hole Gundrilling of Inconel-718Woon, KS ; Chaudhari, A ; Kumar, A Senthil ; Rahman, M 
111-Jan-2017Thermal effect on brittle-ductile transition in CaF <inf>2</inf> single crystalsChaudhari, A ; Lee, YJ; Wang, H ; Senthil Kumar, A